Part of Starbase 86: Salda’s New Assignment and Bravo Fleet: Phase 3: Vanishing Point

Into the Unknown

Amik System
September 10th, 2399
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Amik System | Danube-Class Runabout | Cockpit

Salda paced around in what little space she had. For her mission she was given a Danube-Runabout of all classes. The Lieutenant-Commander had hoped for one of the newer classes, she had been eager to take them for a drive throughout the years, though her status as a science officer rarely allowed her to fulfil such curiosities.

For the mission she was given her choice of roughly a dozen officers stationed on Starbase 86, although she was strongly encouraged to take some of the Ensigns- which she ultimately gave in and agreed to. “Ensign Chevve, time until arrival?”

“Arriving in the Amik system imminently, Commander.”

Salda instinctively smirked, though she quickly buried it. “I need more speci-” She began to say before a sudden jolt threw her forward and straight into the back of the pilot’s chair.

“Salda- I mean Commander, are you alright? It looks like we exited warp near some debris!” Loxatia called out as she attempted to get a better scan of the situation

“I’m fine. Chevve, no one gave you permission to wreck this shuttle, even if it is ancient,” Salda balked as she climbed to her feet- mostly in tact, other than her hair now half-out of her once neat bun. “Evasive maneuver beta four, let us see this is without further bumps,”

“Apologies Commander, the debris is everywhere where we entered the system,” The Orion said as she frantically attempted to evade any further pieces of debris.

“Lieutenant, can you discern anything from the debris yet?”

“It is the satellite that the Starbase lost contact with, Commander. I recommend we beam a piece aboard to further examine the cause of destruction,” Loxatia replied as Salda approached the Bolian to read the sensors herself.

“Let’s do it. Ensign Roush, go beam aboard a piece of debris for analysis,” The Lieutenant-Commander ordered as she still leaned over Loxatia, “and keep continuous scans, whoever did this might not be far,”

The runabout would be jostled about once more as another remnant of the satellite scraped the side of the hull. “When I agreed to taking Ensigns on this mission, I didn’t think that meant crashing,” The Commander would spout as she steadied herself on the back of a chair.

“Inform me if anything comes up on scanners, I’m going to see if Roush was able to get a fragment of the satellite,” Salda added before either of the remaining Ensigns could respond to her comment.

Loxatia couldn’t help herself but get a massive grin on her face as Salda left the room, though she luckily was not facing anybody else that could see it.

“We are clear of wreckage,” Chevve commented, a notable concern in her voice, “My first off-base mission and I almost wreck the shuttle,”

“The Commander just likes messing with you Ensigns. She likes acting… overly Tellaritely,” Loxatia said as she finally spun her chair around to look at the two remaining Ensigns in the cockpit. “Don’t take it personally- she even worse a few years ago when I worked in her department on the Raposa,”

Amik System | Danube-Class Runabout | Crew Lounge

“Commander, here is the fragment,” Ensign Roush said as he went to pick it up.

“Good- bring it to the aft,”

“Initial observations Ensign?” The Lieutenant-Commander asked as she entered the small back room typically served as a conference room.

“The burn marks on this metallic fragment would imply simple phaser fire destroyed the satellite,” The half-Denobulan stated as he sat the debris on the table and stood at attention.

“Then for some reason whoever did this did not want the Federation to know what was happening in this solar system,” Salda said with a sigh. While she was eager to start her command and go on her own missions, she had secretly hoped this would be an easy in and out mission, especially with three of four of her crew having minimal field experience.

The two were interrupted by a sudden beep of their comm badges, “Lieutenant Ornilar to Commander Daarggal, a small vessel has appeared on sensors. They were on the fourth planet,”

“Scan them, we need to know their capabilities before we confront them,” Salda replied through her comm badge as she made her way back into the cockpit alongside Ensign Aiken Roush.

“It looks like a Barzan-style cargo freighter, though it seems to have gotten weapon upgrade grafted onto it,” Loxatia commented.

“Roush, hail them,”

“No response, Commander,”

“They readjusted their heading away from us- it seems they are attempting to go to warp,”

“Lay in a pursuit course and go. Ensign….” Salda said before a pause- the name of the tactical ensign escaped her for a few moments, “Ensign CINQEK, be at the ready to power weapons,”