Part of Starbase 86: Salda’s New Assignment and Bravo Fleet: Phase 3: Vanishing Point

Meeting an Echo

Quark's Bar, Habitat Ring
September 7, 2399
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Habitat Ring | Quark’s Bar | Evening

The Lieutenant-Commander had switched into more casual clothing compared to what she had on earlier in the day. She wore a simple red blouse and casual black pants alongside her long, orange hair which fell down freely past her shoulders. Typically when she was to meet with an officer about a future assignment she would dress in her duty uniform, but this was not the usual.

As the Tellarite stepped into the establishment she would instantly spot who she planned to talk to- a young, female Bolian. When Salda got closer the Bolian would narrow her eyes.” You’ve gotten more wrinkles,” The Bolian stated as she examined the Lieutenant-Commander

“And you gained a few pounds,” Salda replied as she crossed her arms.

The two woman would simply stare at each other for several more seconds before they both couldn’t hold it back anymore and started to laugh. The Bolian would finally get out of her seat and to give Salda a hug, “It has been almost a year since we met up last,”

“Too long,” Salda commented as she let go of the Bolian and sat on the other side of the table.

“Another Brandy please!” The Bolian would call out to a nearby waitress.

“Loxatia!” Salda gasped, “You still drink that filth? I thought you were ordered it because Yizru did!”

Loxatia shrugged as a smirk grew on her face, “It grew on me… Lieutenant-Commander,”

“You finally gained a few pips as well,” Salda chuckled before she gestured towards her neck which revealed her rank of full Lieutenant.

Loxatia was leaned forward to talk but would be interrupted by the waitress that arrived with two new glasses of Saurian Brandy. With a sigh the Bolian would grab the drink and lean backwards into her chair, “But I suppose we have Starfleet business to discuss, you treating the low rankers decent?”

Salda took in a deep breath and widened her eyes as if in astonishment, “What?! You think I would mess with people who don’t interact with Tellarites a lot? Never…”

“Oh my… And what exactly did you request me for?” Loxatia remarked,  The small Tellarite would readjust herself as she seemingly got serious for a moment, “There was an unauthorized ship in a nearby system, home of a pre-warp civilization. Our satellite in that region went dark too, it is assumed some sort of outlaws may be there. In simple terms, we need to investigate,”

“Easy enough, when do we depart?” Loxatia questioned before she gulped down the last of her brandy.

“First thing in the morning, I have a few more people to round up tonight,” Salda replied as she hopped down off the stool she at on, “And do get out of that uniform for at least an hour,” “Will do, SIR!” Loxatia called out.

“You damn well know I prefer my RANK, Lieutenant,” Salda sarcastically replied as she made her way towards the exit of Quark’s. 

Loxatia would smirk as she shook her head, “Verrrry well, Lieutenant-Commander. Don’t worry! I will get the tab,”