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Part of Starbase 86: Salda’s New Assignment and Bravo Fleet: Phase 3: Vanishing Point

Arrival on the Starbase

Starbase 86
September 7, 2399
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Starbase 86 | Docking Bay | Early Morning

The petite Tellarite strolled out of her runabout with a sense of urgency and importance as she looked around at the busy docking ring of Starbase 86.

“Lieutenant Commander!” A young, muscular officer would call out from the side of the Docking Bay. Salda would move swiftly towards the officer. As she got closer to the man she would realize he was several feet taller than herself- and evidently at least part-Denobulans. She had always appreciated the species’ openness, it was not unlike what she experienced on Tellar Prime, though the Denobulans were probably…a bit more cordial about their approach.

“I am Ensign Aiken Roush of Starbase 86, Sir. I was tasked with showing you around the station,” The young man would say before he was cut off abruptly.

“Lieutenant Commander Salda Daarggal…I didn’t expect to be assigned with someone right out of the womb,” Salda blurted out as she slowly examined the Ensign from head to toe.

“I finished third in my class at the Academy, I am more than qualified to attend to your needs,” The Ensign responded swiftly. He knew about Tellarite customs of an…abrupt introduction. But that did not make it easy to witness the first time.

“And I finished second, but go on Ensign,” Salda replied with a sly smirk as she impatiently motioned towards the exit of the Docking Bay. Salda would follow and watch the Ensign closely as they moved into the corridors.

Lieutenant Commander Salda Daarggal’s Quarters | Mid Afternoon

“These will be your quarters during your stay in the station, Lieutenant Commander,” Aiken would announce as he entered the room closely followed by Salda herself.

Salda would enter the room with an exaggerated sigh, “A little quaint but I suppose it’ll do, you’re dismissed Ensign,”

Aiken nodded hesitantly as he looked around and then left the Lieutenant-Commander’s quarters.