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Part of USS Saratoga: Treasure Hunt and Bravo Fleet: Phase 3: Vanishing Point

Just What The Doctor Ordered

USS Vesta
October 2399
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With the ship just sitting in orbit, nothing was really happening on the bridge other than just sitting there looking at the planet below through the viewscreen. Deza looked around the bridge, Tajir was sitting in the command chair looking over some padds he had in his hand. She guessed it was duty rosters and reports and other such things trying to keep busy while they all waited for any word from the away team. 

Odan was just standing there glancing around though he would look at the console every few seconds to see if there was anything going on in the system or even the planet below that would constitute a call to the Captain. Things seemed to stay quiet where there was nothing to report. 

Chon’al seemed to be reading reports of some kind, though she wasn’t sure what. She sighed as she stood up from her chair and looked at those on the bridge, “I am going to the mess hall for lunch if anyone cares to join me.” Deza said as everyone looked at her, “count me in.” Odan replied as another officer came to relieve him and then Chon’al decided to join them as well. 

Tajir just shook his head with a smile, “I am good thank you for asking.” Tajir replied holding up his padd to signify that he had a lot of work he had been neglecting over the past few weeks that needed to get done. Nodding the three walked off the bridge and headed down to the mess hall.

Once they had arrived they all walked over to the replicator, ordered what they wanted, and headed for the empty table near the corner before they all sat down. “The last few weeks have been crazy don’t you think?” Deza said looking at them, “I am hoping things go back to normal soon.” Odan replied looking at the three who just nodded in agreement to that statement. 

“I don’t think I can take much more of the constant secrecy that has been coming from the Captain. Though I understand that things can be classified, this has been a bit much.” Chon’al chimed in before taking a bit of his food, he tended to eat more human food than what you would see a Klingon normally eat, though he did still eat some Klingon delicacies he usually did that in his own quarters alone.

“I think I need a vacation after this,” Deza said just as she took a bite. “Ditto to that,” Odan said as the doors to the mess hall opened, and in walked Teila. Odan smiled and waved her over after she got her plate from the replicator. Deza looked at Odan, “what we don’t need to be rude to our new Doctor.” Odan said as Chon’al agreed with him, she nodded as Teila came over with her huge smile.

“Hope I am not intruding?” Telia said as everyone shook their head, “the more the merrier.” Deza said though she really not sure about her yet, she had a bit more bubbly personality than what she was used to comparing to what Kriia was, though as she thought about it Kriia didn’t have much of a personality. She was always serious and rarely had lunch or anything outside of work. Teila smiled and sat down in the empty chair.

“So Commander, how are you settling in?” Odan asked her as he was generally curious how she was adjusting to being on a ship like this in the middle of a strange crisis that no one really knew exactly what was going on but basically went along anyway. “Great, though I have never served on such a large ship before, I mostly have served on smaller ships with less crew but I am adjusting just fine. Thank you for asking,” Teila said with a smile as they continued to chat while they ate until Teila saw a familiar face and excused herself to go join him.

“Mind if I join you?” Teila asked looking at James who looked up to see Teila standing there and smiled, “of course you may.” James replied motioning for the empty chair beside him. “Looks like your making friends,” James observed. “I not sure if we would call ourselves that yet, but it is something I am working on,” Teila said as she was still new and it would take time for the crew to warm up to her. He nodded, “though lately I been sensing a lot of tensions going on with the crew, which I am sure are due to this unusual crisis that is at hand.” Teila noted as James agreed, though he wasn’t Betazoid or anything he could just tell by their body language.

“How’re things going with you?” Teila asked him as he just shrugged, “hasn’t been very busy as no one really wants to visit the counselor on their own accord. Though I am sure I will be requesting that they see me after this mission is over and the crisis or whatever it is, is over.” James said taking a bit of his food as Teila nodded in response as they continued to chat.

Deza got up and placed her dishes back into the replicator and walked out of the mess hall followed by Chon’al who wanted to ask for advice. “Deza do you got a moment?” Chon’al looked at her while they walked down the corridor toward the turbo lift. She was heading to the gym to work out, which she usually did around this time.

“What is on your mind?” She asked as they walked, “I don’t normally talk about this or ask advice.” He began to speak though you could tell there was some nervousness in his voice which caused her to stop and look at him. “I am interested in the Captain but not sure how I should approach that if I were to have a chance with her or not.” He finally said which caused Deza to smile as he looked like a little puppy that was in love.

They began to walk again, “I know she likes flowers mostly white roses, I would also do a nice romantic dinner. She also mentioned that she likes watching movies? Though I am not sure what that is, just heard her speak of it before in a conversation.” Deza replied looking at him, “I would just ask her out and see where it goes.” 

Deza added, “I am not that good with giving advice like that but I am sure if you be yourself,” she began but paused thinking of a better word. “Just be honest with her, tell her how you feel.” Airje replied as they reached the turbolift, he nodded as he thought about it.

“Thank you, I’ll do that,” Chon’al replied before they went their separate ways, Deza couldn’t help but smile as she entered the turbo lift and headed to the gym to begin her workout. Odan went to meet with Katie in the holodeck to get some time together doing something she liked to do which was rock climbing, though he hated heights he got over it as it was something she enjoyed doing and he wanted to be supportive. Teila and James continued to talk in the mess hall losing all track of time before realizing they each had appointments and were fashionably late.