Part of USS Devastator: Ωmega and Bravo Fleet: Phase 1: Omega

Beware Romulans, Bearing Gifts

Cargo Bay 4, USS Devastator
July 2399
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“Forty-nine percent above tolerance. That’s how much radiation she was exposed to.” Captain Scotto with a flick of his hand produced the images of the scientist they found on Meronia IV, exposed to subspace radiation. He had brought it up to show the Romulan just what kind of damage was inflicted on her, and countless others as a result of their actions. “Nearly an entire continent of good land reduced to the production of garbage because you were too curious.” Scotto walked slowly around the table, trying to bring to bear the devastation that these Romulans caused.

He softened the tone of his voice. “So I’ll ask again, which faction are you working for?”

The Romulan prisoner was distraught in tears. “No one, I swear.” He continued to weep looking up at the Captain. “What do I need to do to convince you of this?” He asked through the emotion.

Charles stared him down sternly before swiping away the holographic display. He took the PADD off the table and walked towards the cargo bay exit. The familiar ca-lunk sound behind him indicating the doors closed interrupted the conversation of the officers just outside the cargo bay. The captain handed over the PADD to the Starfleet Intelligence Team lead and sighed. “I believe him.” Scotto said. “I don’t think he or his team were acting at the behest of any form of Romulan government, no matter which of the three you try to pin this on. Our investigation has come to the conclusion that these were just some scientists who got a little too close to the sun.”

The commodore in charge of the intelligence team turned away from the display in the hallway where they had been watching. “While I don’t want to concur with your assessment, I have no choice but to agree. We’ll have our security team take him and his accomplices back to base for further debriefing and then we’ll have to decide how to handle a judicial proceeding, but that shouldn’t be your concern anymore.” The commodore sighed. “I suppose, the fact that this is connected to Omega is purely coincidental, not necessarily malicious. They didn’t realize just what they were working with. Regardless, they were trying to inflict destruction on Federation citizens, property, and personnel. That in itself will be enough to make a case. Good job, captain.”

As the team began to break up, Captain Scotto had to ask. “So, what about Omega?”

“The cleanup team is on the surface now, but, because of the slow destabilization, this area is going to be useless for the foreseeable future. We’re not sure why it was here, or how it got here. But, I wish we would have been able to find it first.” The commodore replied.