Part of USS Fearless: Secrets That Kill and Bravo Fleet: Phase 1: Omega

Chapter 1: Trouble Always Begins with a Little Fun

Delta Quadrant: Unexplored Space
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Secrets that Kill

Echoes of the TKon: Omega

Phase 1


USS Fearless

Delta Quadrant

Uncharted Space Beyond Hazari System

“Is there anything else we can do for you Captain,” Langston inquired, always willing to go the extra mile in extending Federation aid.

“No,” the freighter Captain replied, “I think we can handle it from here.  My crew can’t stop singing praises of your skilled engineering staff, please do give them our sincerest appreciation once again”.

Ed nodded in affirmation, well aware of the exceptional team he had assembled on the Fearless.  “Chief Alsharani will be most pleased to hear your satisfaction with her team’s work.  I do have one request for you, if you have the time.”

“I am in your debt Captain,” the reptilian captain croaked in laughter, “and thanks to your engineers we have more time than we anticipated.  How can I repay the debt of service?”

“We’re new around, and as you know very eager to explore,” Ed paused, scanning the crew’s faces around him.  He knew they were all eager to get onto a new assignment that wouldn’t involve more losses.  “I wondered if you had some suggestions on where to begin.”

The Reptilian Captain nodded with chuckling agreement.  “I’ll have my navigator forward some coordinates, but I would suggest starting with The Eye of Husodo.  It is a pilgrimage site for the Husodi, a small sect of harmless cultists who worship the site believing it to be a portal to the other side.”  The Captain paused stroking his chin, “It’s a beautiful sight to behold, quite the enigma too; there are many who would like to uncover its origin and being Captain.”

Ed felt the Captain’s suggested ‘Eye’ a good place to begin exploration in the sector; it sounded like a peaceful way anyway.  Afterall, what could go wrong on an empty planet with a bunch of pilgrims.  The green crew surrounding him appeared to mirror his own curiosity and excitement about the mysterious ‘eye’.  “Maybe we can provide some new insights to your people and the Husodi.  Thank you for the suggestion Captain.”

“Safe travels Fearless, we will spread stories of your generous assistance”. 

The visual of the reptilian freighter captain closed and the stars reappeared.  Several kilometers in the distance, the freighter’s engines engaged, propelling the jalopy through the vast darkness of space.  A slight course change to starboard and the freighter disappeared at lightspeed from the viewscreen.

“Captain,” called Ensign Zemke from the helm, “We have received the coordinates.  Course set for the Eye of Husodo; speed Captain?”

“I think we’re all a little eager to begin scouting…warp seven” Langston stated.

“Aye, Aye Captain; Warp seven,” Zemke confirmed and initiated upon command.