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Profile Overview

Jocelyn Zemke

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Zemke


Alpha Shift Conn/Helm Officer
USS Fearless


The recent Starfleet Academy graduate.  Young, aspiring, and zealous for exploration.  She is an expert pilot and navigator with a need for speed.  Aside from traveling at warp speed, she loves pushing shuttle crafts to the limits.  She has restored historical aircrafts and muscle cars with her cousins, enjoying “Fast & Furious” holodeck programs.  The youngest of the bridge crew, she is aware of her naivete and has capitalized this trait to gain rapport from colleagues.  She has heard the whispers of “Captain in Training” and makes no apologies. 


“Tourists follow maps, explorers make their own.”


Jocelyn was born in the year 2372 to Madeliene and Mark Zemke, in the town of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  The Zemke family was large and predominately consisted of male heirs.  Her father was one of six children and she, herself, was the only girl among 12 cousins.  The Zemke family went back generations, even before the founding of the Federation.  The family maintained a business supplying personnel for security, intelligence, and soldiering, while another division focused on research and development for offensive and defensive equipment as well as cybersecurity.  The retired family elders focused on maintaining the business, while the next generation finished their careers in Starfleet and other ventures.

Jocelyn was considered the “jewel” in the Zemke legacy of German cops, soldiers, and Starfleet Security Officers.  The family instilled the importance of family by instilling values of loyalty, honor, and sacrifice.  In order to keep up with her cousins, Jocelyn learned to play rough, eat fast and fight back.  She performed well academically and maintained an honor status throughout her secondary education, leaving with no reports of misconduct or absenteeism.  She displayed a talent for mathematics and computer technologies and was encouraged to develop those talents, in hopes that it would keep her far from danger’s reach.  

In 2385, Jocelyn’s father was stationed on the USS Atlantis.  The ship was returning to drydock for refit and repair, when it received a distress signal from the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards and nearby Mars Orbital Facility.  Her father died in the line of duty defending the shipyards and orbital facility.  Thirteen years old, Jocelyn was significantly impacted by her father’s death.  Her family surrounded her with love and support.  She was introduced to boxing and martial arts and found it to be an outlet for sad and depressive feelings.  

The death of her father encouraged Jocelyn to continue her studies in mathematics and software engineering.  She became obsessed with synths, more specifically their programming, determined to understand how the attack on Mars could have been prevented.  In honor of her father, and in keeping with family tradition, Jocelyn applied to Starfleet Academy’s School of Engineering and was accepted.  She focused her studies on components engineering, programming, and operations.