Part of USS Saratoga: Revelations and Bravo Fleet: Phase 2: Horizon

A Second Go

USS Vesta, Kepara Colony
October 2399
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“Wonder what Lieutenant Atur found that was so important to rush into the Captain’s office so quickly?” Odan asked looking at Chon’al who just shrugged while opening his mouth to speak before being cut off, “maybe it has to do with our mission?” Deza spoke up from flight control as she heard them talk, Odan glanced at the Bajoran women with annoyance as she had a habit of speaking when she wasn’t spoken to.

“Possibly,” came the annoyed reply as Deza Airje just rolled her eyes sensing the annoyance in his voice but decide not to respond further to that. “It must be something good as I have never seen her move that quickly before.” Chon’al finally spoke up after being cut off with a slight chuckle.

Dazra was working at her console only barely listening to the chatter, “I don’t get why we are even going on this treasure hunt anyways, what does Starfleet want with the ancient technology of the Tkon Empire anyways.” Dazra finally spoke up in an almost annoyed tone but lingered on the lines of confusion unable to know the real reason, she thought Starfleet Command was sending them on a wild goose chase in her eyes.

Tajir looked back from the Command chair almost surprised at her statement, though he couldn’t blame her as he had those same thoughts before. “We might not understand why, but that is our current mission and we will complete it as ordered.” He responded back to the Lieutenant in a stern voice, though he still had apprehension himself but had to put all that aside to keep this crew working together.

“We shouldn’t even be going back to that planet, there are so many rules that we are breaking, and how is that not even being noticed?” Dazra said in frustration as the others on the bridge just looked at her in a state of shock. They realized she had a past record of insubordination but didn’t think she would be so bold to try that again after being demoted back on her last assignment.

Tajir looked at her for a moment taking a deep breath, thinking about what he was going to say before he responded to the women. “Lieutenant, I know that things have been,” searching for the right word. “Different than anything we have dealt with before, but the Captain had said that all standing orders have been temporarily lifted,” Tajir said as he stood up from the chair to face her.

“How can we be sure that is even true and the Captain is just making things up to fit her needs,” Dazra said with a raised voice causing Airje to turn around to face her, he waved a hand as he knew she was going to step in.

“I don’t Lieutenant, but I have trust in our Captain, I have worked with her for a long time,” Tajir replied before continuing. “Adams won’t take a mission lightly and is doing the best she can in a tough situation. We need to have her back and stop questioning things that are beyond our control.” He finished while looking at her in a calm but stern manner causing her to throw her hands in the air. 

“Taking things at face value can get you into more trouble than what it’s worth, this is going to come back to bite us in the ass if we don’t stop this! I can’t believe that Starfleet is allowing this to take place over what,” she began before she paused for a moment. “Some technology on a species that doesn’t exist anymore!” Dazra replied frustration filling her voice.

“Lieutenant, you will continue to do your job or you could end up in the brig just like Lieutenant Rar did for disobeying orders, and I don’t think Starfleet will be so kind for another infraction on your ever-growing record,” Tajir said which caused her to stop and look at him for a brief moment, before seeing all eyes on her from the bridge crew.

“Against my protest, the Captain saw something in you that she thought she could harness and change. Feeling you were a better person under your record and decided against my disapproval to give you the spot of Chief after being dismissed from your last post,” Tajir said with truth in his voice looking at her.

“I thought I was proven wrong, that Adams saw something in you that I didn’t,” he trailed on as she looked at him almost dumbfounded by his words. Tajir let that lingerie for a moment before he continued being sincere and honest. “Lieutenant, you can still change my mind, by trusting Makayla she needs that more than ever in a situation that none of us can control.” He said with sincerity and yet gave her this next warning if she kept things up. 

“I will give you a bit of advice that I suggest you listen to, if you want to continue down this rabbit hole then you will seal your fate,” Tajir replied as everyone on the bridge was shocked at what the Commander had said not knowing that the Captain had been on the bridge the whole time off in the corner near her ready room door.

Dazra was going to respond but noticed that the Captain was standing near the door to her ready room, gulping realizing she was in the wrong. “Aye sir,” is all she could muster out as Tajir went to turn back around and noticed the Captain standing there with Jeesa next to her with her arms crossed across her chest.

Everyone on the bridge got back to work not saying anything else, Jeesa walked to her station as Adams joined Tajir and gave him a nod. Airje turned around for a brief moment before the Vesta came out of warp, “we have arrived back at Kepara sir.” She said as the ship stopped within in orbit of the planet but not where it would be notable from the planet’s surface.

Adams looked at the planet below and began to wonder what treasures does the planet hold, after a moment she shook her head to bring her back to reality. She looked at where Commander Jheria was at her station on the bridge. “Jheria can you work with Jeesa in Astrometrics to increase sensor range and depth?” Adams asked as Jheria looked at her almost confused.

“That would need a lot of resources Captain, I don’t think that is a good idea.” Jheria protested. “I understand, it would only be for a short period of time we need to get more sensor data on the planet as well as the system,” Jeesa spoke up before the Captain could. “I found some data while researching and need more scans to see if my hypothesis is correct.” 

Jheria looked at the woman for a moment, “how long are we talking?” 

“An hour to an hour and a half at the max, I would do most of my work down in Astrometrics,” Jeesa replied looking at the Commander who thought and against her better judgment agreed. “Anything more than that could cause problems with other systems that I just can’t afford to lose,” Jheria replied as the science officer nodded in reply as they both walked off the bridge.

As the two left Adams looked at Dazra, Odan, and Chon’al, “I need you three to go down to cargo bay one and get that emptied out again, we will be beaming anything we find in there.” Adams replied as they all looked at each other for a brief moment and nodded, “Understood,” Odan replied as the three left their stations and the bridge.

“We have a couple of hours before we are ready to beam down to the planet,” Adams replied before turning to Tajir, “care to join me for a cup of coffee and chat?” She asked as he nodded and they both headed into her office to go over things before they would be planet-bound.