Part of USS Saratoga: Revelations and Bravo Fleet: Phase 2: Horizon

New Assignments

Devron Fleet Yards, Devron System
October 2399
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Commander Teila Zoran was a red-headed woman that stood five foot six inches tall in her late thirties, sat aboard Devron Fleet Yards in her temporary quarters listening to classical music as she sat near the window peering out. After her reassignment falling through, she found herself waiting to see where she would go next. Sitting there watching ships outside come and go, she did notice a large Vesta-class Starship docked at the starbase.

She began to wonder what it would be like to serve on a ship that size, it’s not every day you see a ship like the Vesta, which is known to be a ship of long-range exploratory missions, rarely seen but here one was. “Maybe she’s on resupply,” she thought to herself as she just stared.

After sitting there contemplating for while, Teila got up from the couch heading towards the replicator. “Earl gray tea, hot,” she said as the replicator hummed, lights circling around what would become a cup until it appeared on the platform. Picking up the cup she smelled the sweet aroma, closing her eyes for a brief moment with a smile before taking a sip.

Just as she was about to head back over to where she was sitting when she heard the computer beep. Raising an eyebrow wondering what that could be, walking over setting the cup down on the desk. Sitting down, turning on the computer which first showed the Starfleet emblem pear across before a message from Captain Azras Dex came up on the screen in front of her.

She hoped it was her new assignment, she began to read what was sent and as soon as she finished Teila was in a state of shock. She had to reread what she just read, she couldn’t believe it, the very Vesta-class starship she seen docked at the starbase was the very ship she was being assigned to as Chief Medical Officer. Pinching herself to make sure this wasn’t a dream, she totally forgetting about her tea.

Feeling like this was just all a dream, the Vesta was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and she wasn’t going to pass this up. Making sure her belongings were packed, though she didn’t unpack very much just the items she used day-to-day. After making sure that her belongings were being sent to the Vesta taking a glance around the room to make sure nothing was missed, once satisfied she left making her way down the corridor towards where the Vesta was docked.

Walking faster than she normally would walk, she ran into a man who was dressed in a blue uniform as well. “I am sorry Commander,” she said looking at him with sincerity in her eyes. “Guess I was just in a hurry to get to my new assignment,” Teila replied as the man chuckled a bit before waving it off. “I know how that can go, I have done that a few times fresh out of the Academy.” James replied looking at the beautiful woman in front of him, “where are you going if you don’t mind me asking?” 

“I just got assigned to the USS Vesta as Chief Medical Officer,” came her reply not realizing the noticeable grin on her face. James couldn’t help but chuckle, “guess we will be seeing more of each other as I just got assigned there as well.” James replied extending his hand, “Lieutenant Commander James Wright Chief Counselor.” Introducing himself as Teila accepted his hand in return, “Commander Teila Zoran pleasure to meet you, Commander.” She said as they stood there for a brief moment before they both began to walk towards the docking bay.

Walking in silence for a while as Teila decided to break that silence, “can you believe it the USS Vesta, one only hopes to get assigned to a ship like that, and here we are.” Telia couldn’t contain her excitement, causing James to chuckle again nodding in return. Before James could respond they arrived at the security checkpoint, showing the guards their assignments proving they were who they said they were.

“Welcome to the USS Vesta, you’re cleared for entry.” The Andorian security officer replied handing them their credentials back and letting them on their way. From there they went their separate ways, James decided to head to his office first before checking in with the Captain while Teila took the turbo lift up to the bridge.

After the lift came to a stop with the doors parting she stepped out looking around the bridge she was told where the Captain’s ready room was located, walking up she pressed the door chime and waited to be let in.

Adams looked up from her reports, wondering who this could be though after a brief moment she spoke up. “Enter,” came her reply as the doors swooshed open to reveal the bright red-headed Chief Medical Officer who walked in.

“You must be Commander Zoran,” Adams commented motioning for the empty chair in front of her desk. Nodding to the question that was asked, “yes ma’am” came the reply as she took the offered seat. “So Commander, I see you were going to be assigned to the USS Relentless after your recent assignment at Deep Space 12 where you served as Assistant Chief Medical Officer for three years?” Adams inquired looking up from her report to look at Teila.

“Yes Captain, I had received a promotion to Commander and was going to be assigned to the Relentless until that feel through where I been waiting aboard Devron for another assignment when this one came across my computer,” Teila replied shifting in her chair, though the chair wasn’t uncomfortable she had been sitting for too long.

“I am very impressed with your record and believe you would make a fine addition to our senior staff.” Adams said as she smiled, “I will not keep you long as I am sure you want to get down to the infirmary to check in with your staff.” Adams said before mentioning that there was a senior staff meeting within the hour.

“Thank you, Captain, I am pleased to be here,” Teila replied as she stood back up extending her hand as Adams took it in return. “I won’t be late,” she replied before they wrapped up the check-in. 

She quickly made her way off the bridge, heading to where the infirmary was located not knowing it was rather large than she anticipated. After Teila left her office Adams went back to work preparing for the staff meeting. Things still running through her mind, taking a sip of her coffee she had gotten back to work. She had a feeling this mission was going to be as crazy as the last.