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Part of Challenger: The Romulan War: A Shot In The Dark


Imperial Bird-of-Prey ChR Dhivael, in orbit of Romulus
Day Twenty-One, Month of Khuti, Wednesday, November 5th, 2155
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Inspecting the Dhivael had not been on the top of the admiral’s agenda, however it gave him an opportunity to be updated by Commander T’Voras before he had to brief the praetor about what had happened in the Bassen Rift. He was not looking forward to it as it meant he probably would have to go before the Continuing Committee as well. 

“From what we can tell, the Hevams were able to capture one of our drones and turn it against us. The entire arrenhe’hwiua base was destroyed and decades of work on singularities as a power source has been lost. We lost a lot of good loyal subjects, admiral.” T’Voras stated from behind his desk in his office. 

It was just the two men who were present, the way Valdore preferred it. He stood by the tall window gazing down at Romulus. In the distance he could see its twin planet, Remus. “Was there anything left at all?”

“I’m afraid not sir.” T’Voras glumly said. “By the time we had responded to their decoy of an invasion force and then had made our way back to the base they had already left nothing for us to work out how they compromised our security. The only thing that my crew were able to assume was that they were able to use our drone ships against us as we had detected three of them heading into the base on our long-range sensors. Their attack was swift and decisive. All that remained in the rift was residual gravitational energy from the micro-singularity we had been using.”

Rolling his eyes backwards, Valdore’s rage was slowly building within him. “So not only have we lost a key installation and a number of ships, but our ability to control our drone ships as well as deploy our computer virus against our enemies.”

“Unfortunately for now sir, it would appear that way. However I have a plan that you may wish to suggest to the praetor.” T’Voras offered.

Valdore turned on his heel. “Go on.”

“If the Hevams have developed a way to defend against the arrenhe’hwiua telepresence capture then it’s reasonable to say that their allies in the Thaessu, Andorsu and Tellarsu will eventually be defended from it. We should move our assets to use the device against other species that are not aligned with the Hevams. I would suggest we go back to using it on the Klling’hannsu on our vessels that can conduct short range missions and begin tests on the Tholliasu.”

The idea did intrigue him, Valdore raised his eyebrow in a similar fashion like their distant Thaessu cousins did. “Do tell me more.” He told his subordinate, thinking that perhaps that could salvage some of this disaster.