Part of USS Heracles: Echoes of the Tkon: Omega and Bravo Fleet: Phase 1: Omega

UFP Freighter Torgus

Gamma Quadrant - two sectors past Hunter
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Stardate: 74424.66
Location: Gamma Quadrant – two sectors past Hunter
Time: 0400 hours
UFP Freighter Torgus

Major Fir stood on the bridge, his Commanding Officer was below in the belly of the ship, checking on the cargo that they had taken on board from an asteroid mining colony. Suddenly the ship dropped out of warp.

Fir shook his head and tapped a button on the command chair, “Bridge to Engineering, Chase, did you drop us out of warp?”

There was no response back, and all of a sudden the main viewscreen and all of the consoles around him suddenly turned black with a bright blue omega symbol appeared. Fir tapped the screen on the console next to him and when the screen did not change he stood up and walked over to the nearest one. He took a seat and input his security clearance into the holographic glowing command keyboard. As soon as he looked up after hitting the “engage” icon the screen remained the bright blue omega symbol, however, this time an additional text showed up, “Captain’s Eyes Only” in white lettering.

This alarmed Fir and he reached over and tapped the intercom button, “Captain Fergouson you might want to get to the bridge, Sir.”

A moment later the bridge doors opened and a short woman stepped onto the bridge, “Fir what in god’s name did you…” she stopped in mid-sentence when she looked up at the main view screen and seen the Omega symbol. 

“Fir, go get a coffee,” she told her second in command.

Fir looked at Fergouson, “Captain?” The look on his face was that of confusion.

“Major, go get a coffee, that’s an order!” she snapped at the man.

Fir nodded his head and departed the bridge. As soon as the doors that lead to the bridge closed Fergouson took her seat and opened the control panel on her seat.

“Computer, seal the bridge. Authorization Fergouson Omega Pi 010.”

The ship’s computer acknowledged the command with a soft beep.

“Computer, transfer this message to my ready room and then classify all the current records from the time the Omega Directive began up to now. Then place a level 10 security clearance lockout on that information,” she ordered as she stood up and moved toward the ready room.

Once Fergouson entered her ready room the light had been dimmed to near darkness. She took her seat and tapped in her Authorization Code on the command panel. As soon as her code was entered the screen in her ready room changed to show Admiral Ross’s face. He explained the situation to Fergouson on how the Omega needed to be monitored or destroyed. 

Fergouson sat back in her seat as she knew that they would not be able to destroy the anomaly. 

“Computer, send an encrypted message to Admiral Ross, via the Bajorian wormhole, relay it to Deep Space Nine,” she ordered. A moment later a soft beep was heard and she began her message to the Admiral.