Part of USS Saratoga: Tensions and Bravo Fleet: Phase 1: Omega

Returning Home

USS Vesta, Kepara Colony
September 2399
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“Lieutenant Airje set course back to the planet at maximum warp,” Adams ordered looking at her. “Aye sir,” came the reply as she tapped a few buttons. “Course and speed set in sir,” Airje replied looking back at the Captain. Taking a deep breath and looking at Tajir for a brief moment before replying, “engage.”

The ship began to move back to Kepara, “Bridge to Commander Kriia ready your medical team to the cargo bays we will be releasing the sleeping gas into the cargo bay. Once that is complete we will let you know when you can enter to start administering the drug.” Adams replied over the comm channel, “Aye sir.” Kriia replied back before it ended.

Looking to Jheria she gave a nod for her to release the sleeping gas into the filtration system of the cargo bays only. Jheria began the process as Makayla watched the screen to make sure it was working properly. One by one the occupants began to lower themselves on the ground and go to sleep.

This would take a while as there were a lot of colonists within them, “Commander Kriia to bridge we are in place.” Kriia said over the comm channel as Adams monitored the situation. After she saw that everyone indeed was asleep she turned to Jheria, “stop the release and filtrate the air for our medical teams. The last thing we need is them falling asleep as well.” Adams replied as she looked at the Commander, “Aye sir.” Jheria replied tapping a few buttons on the console.

A few moments went by, “complete sir they are clear to enter.” Jheria said looking up from the console. “Commander your clear to enter,” Adams replied back over the comm channel.

The doors to the cargo bays unlocked and opened as the medical teams entered both bays and began to administer the drug to each individual monitoring each for any reactions. So far things were going to plan with no complications, they would spend the rest of the time they traveled back to the planet administering to each individual until they completed upon arrival.

“Sir, we have arrived at Kepara,” Airje replied as the ship came to a complete stop, the USS Lune had already departed as their mission was complete. “Bridge, we have completed the administration, sir, we don’t have much time left before they wake up. My suggestion is to get them back on the planet as quickly as possible.” Kriia replied as their team exited the cargo bay and the doors locked shut behind them.

“Understood Commander,” Adams replied over the comms channel. Looking at both Odan and Jheria who already knew what needed to be done. “Aye sir, beginning transport,” Odan replied as he tapped a few buttons and the process of beaming the colonists back on the planet began.

Jheria monitored the transport system as they worked to make sure nothing was to go wrong, only slightly adjusting were needed to keep up the pace. The bridge was quiet as they waited and watched, no one saying a word though in everyone’s mind they wanted to ask a ton of questions they all felt this was not the time or place. They would get their chance once this was all over.

For what seemed like eternity Odan spoke up, “transport is complete everyone is back on the planet.” He replied looking at the Captain who nodded just as Commander Kriia arrived back on the bridge.

“Scan the planet and let me know the status of the situation,” Adams replied as Kriia nodded and moved to her station.

Kriia watched the readings for a good while before she was satisfied with the outcome, looking up from the console. “Sir, they seemed to have woken up and went on like nothing happened other than some confusion as to how everyone was asleep. But they don’t seem to remember anything.” Kriia replied as Adams breathed out a sigh of relief.

Things could have gone so many different ways, not in their favor. Though luck was on their side this time, they might not be so lucky the next time. “Helm set a course for Devron Fleet Yards at maximum warp.” She replied as Deza nodded gladly to set a course back to the starbase.

“Engage,” Adams replied as she stood up looking at Tajir who already knew what she was going to say, and nodded before she could.

Adams walked to her ready room and closed the door, she downloaded all files from this mission and encrypted them for security level ten access only, and removed the omega directive lockout. She hoped to never see another enactment of the Omega Directive as long as she was Captain. This mission was a challenging one to even say the least, she stood up and walked to the window, and looked out lost in thought.

She would deal with Lieutenant Rar when they arrived at the starbase as she had to seriously think what her punishment was going to be. She would have to report her behavior but would ask for leniency as for the situation. With a sigh, she walked back to her desk and sat down. Locking the doors one final time to contact Captain Dex back at Devron to apprise her of the situation.

The screen came to life as Azras appeared on her screen, “I take it the mission was successful?” Azras asked looking at Makayla who nodded, “It was, though most of the crew cooperated though they sure did voice their opinions and concerns for what was at hand.” Adams replied, Dex knew there would be, who wouldn’t when they couldn’t answer their questions as they wanted. She went on about the events of the mission and when she finished, Dex nodded but knew there was something more bothering Adams.

“What else Captain, I can see it on your face something else is bothering you,” Azras replied as she leaned closer to the screen. Sighing she nodded and explained the situation with Lieutenant Rar. “I can see where you’re troubled Captain, I can’t say that I don’t blame her given the circumstances,” Azras replied as she sat there and thought for a moment.

“I suggest that you place a reprimand in her file and let her go, but stress that if she pulls a stunt like that again she will be more deeply punished,” Azras replied looking at her. Makayla nodded in reply, “understood sir.” She replied as they talked for a few moments more before the communication came to a close. Walking out of the ready room she headed down to the brig to take care of Lieutenant Rar as they made their way to the station.