Part of USS Saratoga: Tensions and Bravo Fleet: Phase 1: Omega

Rescue Operation

Kepara Colony / USS Vesta
September 2399
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Looking at Airje, “bring us to these coordinates above the planet.” She said after she sent her the information. Airje nodded, “aye sir course laid in.” She responded as Adams gave the order to move into position. A few moments later, “we are in position sir,” she replied as Makayla looked at Odan.

“Start the transport process,” she ordered as Odan nodded. “Jheria keep an eye on the system while this takes place,” Adams said looking at the young Andorian engineer. “Aye sir,” Jheria replied bringing up the transporter systems. 

Not knowing Rar had tampered with the system to attempt to stop the rescue mission, “sir the transporters are not responding.” Odan spoke up as Adams looked at him, “what do you mean?” She asked standing up, Odan tried again but wasn’t getting anything. “They’re not responding it’s like someone has tampered with the system,” Odan replied looking back up at the Captain.

Rar looked at her console, though she wasn’t working she made it look like she was but listened to everything that was going on. “Jheria, what is going on? I want answers.” She looked at her as Jheria worked on her console, she noticed that someone with knowledge of the transporter systems locked them out. 

Looking back at the Captain, “sir someone on this bridge sabotaged the transporters by locking us out of that system.” Jheria replied as everyone looked at her then the Captain. “Can you identify who it was?” Adams asked, “I am working on that right now should know in about a minute.” Jheria replied hoping someone would confess, Rar kept her mouth shut even though she was about to be found out.

A few moments passed, “sir I have the information.” Jheria replied as Adams walked over and saw it. “Lieutenant Rar explain yourself,” Adams replied sternly as everyone now was looking at Dedre.

“Simple, I can’t allow you to break the Prime Directive over something that is not there. You have lost your mind and so has whoever else is in on this.” Rar replied as Adams looked at her. “So you’re going to condemn everyone on that planet below to die?” Adams replied looking at her. “Die from what? An invisible enemy that is not there?” Rar replied as Odan and Jheria looked at each other.

“An enemy isn’t always visible, I have my orders to help these people and what I am doing is minimizing contact by the end they won’t have any memory of what has happened,” Adams replied keeping her calm as Rar was disobeying a direct order and was challenging her.

“How does that justify breaking the Prime Directive? I can’t believe that Starfleet has sanctioned this when they court-martial anyone who does.” Rar fired back, “You don’t have to understand it, you are ordered to release the transporters immediately or end up in the brig for disobeying my order.” Adams replied as she didn’t want to take that step in this situation but she was getting left with no choice.

“Then I guess I’ll be going to the brig, I will not release it and I have already sent a complaint to Starfleet Command in the process,” Rar replied looking at Adams not knowing that her complaint and request will get tossed out the window. 

“Very well Lieutenant,” Adams replied with a sigh then looked at Lieutenant Loian. “Please escort Lieutenant Rar to the brig until this mission is complete,” Adams ordered as Dazra looked at her for a brief moment then everyone else. “Aye sir,” she replied walking up to Rar. “Follow me, Lieutenant,” she replied taking a hold of her arm and leading her off the bridge.

Adams sighed as she looked at Jheria, “can you get control back?” She asked looking at her. “Yes but it will take me five minutes to do so,” she replied as she got to work before the Captain could even respond. Sitting back down in her chair she leaned her head back and closed her eyes for a moment. Tajir remained quiet as he looked at her, after a moment she sent a message to the Lune about their little incident that it would be about five minutes before they could start.

Jheria worked quickly to free the transporter control from the science station, whatever she did she was quiet about it, not tripping any kind of alarms. After what seemed like an eternity the system was restored. “Sir, transporter control is now restored,” Jheria replied looking at the Captain.

“Commander Odan, begin transporting the colonists into the cargo bays,” Adams replied as Odan nodded and began the process. Jheria kept an eye on the system while Adams kept an eye on her console making sure everything went according to plan. They were all on the edge of their seats as people started to appear in the cargo bays, one right after the other.

The whole process took about twenty minutes until the last person on the planet was beam aboard. Odan looked up from his console, “sir all the colonists have been beam aboard there are no life signs on the planet.” Odan replied looking at the Captain, “Open a channel to the USS Lune.” Adams ordered as Odan tapped a few buttons and nodded, “Captain Sorenson, the colonists are onboard we will be moving away from the planet.” Adams replied as Mike nodded, “understood Captain, USS Lune out.” Mike replied as the communications ended.

“Engage Maximum warp,” she replied to Airje who know the next set of coordinates nodded and the ship broke orbit and slowly moved away until they could safely go to warp. 

The cargo bays were locked down with no way for them to get out, access any of our systems. Commander Kriia was able to keep an eye on them through the system through the cameras. They were all confused as to what was going on, so far no one was getting hurt or hurting themselves. “Captain, so far things are looking good with the colonist’s let us hope it stays that way,” Kriia replied from her console on the bridge.

“Very good, keep me apprised if anything changes,” Adams replied as a short time later the USS Vesta came to a stop as they were a safe distance away but were still in communication range with the USS Lune. “Now we wait,” Adams replied as Tajir nodded in return as Dazra walked back on the bridge not saying a word, and headed straight for her station.

Standing up she looked at Tajir, “I’ll be in my ready room you have the bridge.” Adams replied as she stood up and headed to her ready room. Grabbing a coffee she sat down and took a drink, then set it down on her desk. She claps her hands on her face as she sighed, this mission has put a strain on her as well as her crew. She had to do something she hoped she never had to do was send someone to the brig for doing something she thought was right.

This was one part she hated the most that she hoped to never have to do in her life, but here it was and things were getting complicated. She sat there quiet, deep in thought just trying to rationalize everything, justify her actions but she felt the trust was already damaged. She just hopes to gain that trust back from her crew once this was all over. Though, she knew it would take a while as they were going to question her orders more so after this.