Part of USS Saratoga: Tensions and Bravo Fleet: Phase 1: Omega

The Prime Directive

USS Lune / USS Vesta, Kepara Colony
September 2399
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Makayla appeared on the transporter room padd of the USS Lune, Captain Michael Sorenson was already there waiting for her arrival. “Welcome aboard Captain,” he said as he shook her hand. “Though I wish it was under better circumstances,” he added looking at her.

“Indeed Captain,” Adams replied as she stepped off the padd.

He leads her out of the transporter room and headed down the corridor as they headed for a secure conference room where they can talk about what was at hand. The crew seems to be rushing around making sure things were ready. After a short walk, they arrived and walked in, the doors closing and locking once they were inside.

“Please take a seat,” Michael said motioning for one of the empty chairs next to the head of the table. Sitting down at the table, Michael tapped a few buttons and activated the monitor.

“Here is our situation, as you can see we have detected Omega Molecules.” He began before continuing, “the problem we have is that they are very close to the planet. Right now they are stable, but if they destabilize it could destroy the planet.” He added before pausing to see if Adams had anything to add.

“Why not just destroy the molecules?” Adams asked looking at him for a moment, “There are inhabitants down on the planet and one wrong calculated move could wipe them out.” Michael replied with a more concerned look on his face, “your task is to evacuate the planet, though there aren’t very many and all could easily fit on your ship. Though, there is a problem that under normal circumstances could get us into a lot of trouble with Starfleet.” He replied waiting to see what Adams would say.

She knew where he was going with this, those people on the planet were a pre-warp civilization. “Prime Directive…” she replied with a sigh, she could really see how well this will go over on her crew. “Indeed Captain,” he replied as he tapped a button and the screen changed.

“From what we have gathered is they are a humanoid similar to humans, can’t really tell much of a difference from what we can gather. They have a structure similar to Earth back in what I would guess from history the 1930’s.” He began looking at her, “What your mission is to evacuate them one way or another either them willingly or you have to beam them aboard. But, this will need to be done as quick as possible as I don’t know how much longer the molecules will remain stable.” Michael replied as Adams nodded in return.

“Once you have gotten the inhabitance off the planet and a safe distance we will take care of the molecules, we will then let you know if it is safe to return.” Michael added, “Once they are safe to return, is there something we could give them so they don’t remember what happened here?” Adams asked wanting to make sure that things would not change within their society.

He nodded and gave her the information and how it worked, “Thank you Captain” she replied taking the padd and reading for a moment before looking back up. “We will get started right away, keep me apprised of the situation if anything were to change,” Adams replied as she stood up from the chair.

They left the conference room and headed back towards the transporter room, things were running through her mind as they walked. She could hear her crew already once they found out what was going to be asked of them.


Back on the USS Vesta, Tajir and the rest of the bridge crew were trying to figure out what was going on. There were so many unanswered questions, he thought this would be a perfect time to see if he could find anything out in the Captain’s ready room. Walking in the office as the others looked on, Rar was still trying to find out any information on the planet.

Tajir walked in and tried to access her computer but was getting locked out, he tried his own authorization code but was denied, he was getting a lot of this all over the ship that had said ‘request denied, authorization level 10 required.’ which was for Captains and above.

Meanwhile, Rar managed to find out a little bit about the planet just as Tajir walked out, “Sir I think I found something, It looks like the inhabitance below is a pre-warp civilization. I am not sure what’s going on but this could be a potential break in the Prime Directive.” Rar replied looking a bit concerned as everyone turned to look at them.

That was cause for concern, but at the moment he wasn’t going to just jump to conclusions about why they were there. “That would be cause for concern but, right now let’s not jump to conclusions yet until we find out what is going on,” Tajir replied though he wondered in the back of his mind why a lot of the system is giving him a level ten clearance level warning and now they were above a planet who’s populace were not even warp-capable. Things were looking suspicious but being the reasonable person he was, he wasn’t going to just jump at any rash conclusions.

Rar nodded, “you’re right there could be many reasons why and not even come in contact. But the Captain has been acting weird since she got her orders from Starfleet Command.” Rar replied with a sigh as everyone else nodded in agreement with Dedre, “I understand your concerns, trust me I have my own as well. I have known the Captain for a long time so there must be a very good reason that she’s just not ready to share at the moment.” Tajir replied looking at Rar who just nodded.

“Sir, getting communication from the USS Lune. Captain Adams is ready to return to the Vesta.” Odan replied looking up from his console, “understood.” Tajir replied as the Captain soon returned to the ship. “Guess we’re about to find out soon enough,” Tajir replied as he went and took his seat.