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Part of USS Saratoga: Tensions and Bravo Fleet: Phase 1: Omega

Tensions Mount

USS Vesta, Kepara Colony
September 2399
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Lieutenant Rar was on the bridge going between her main station and a few consoles next to the wall, she was trying to find information on the Kepara colony but she wasn’t finding anything in the database. While she was working she realized that she doesn’t have all the access she used to have and that was caused for concern. ‘What is going on?’ Rar thought to herself as she tried different avenues to see if she could find the information she was looking for but each attempt was blocked.

She was getting frustrated, she wasn’t sure what was going on why the sudden secrecy going on. She let out a frustrating not-so-loud grunt which caused the Commander to look at her. “What’s going on Lieutenant?” Tajir said looking at her with a concerned look.

 “Commander, something isn’t right Kepara colony is not in any known database sir,” Rar replied as she liked to gather information on a planet and people before they get to their destination. Tajir looked over at Rar and raised an eyebrow, “maybe it is an unknown world we are sent to study?” He replied thinking of the only thing that seemed rational at the time.

“I’m not sure but something just doesn’t sit right, there are some systems I don’t have access to like I used to,” Rar replied looking at the Commander as everyone on the bridge was now paying attention looking at the Chief Science Officer.

Getting up from the chair, he walked over to her console and tried accessing said information with his access code but also got the same error. Raising an eyebrow, what was going on? He thought to himself the Captain was hiding something and he didn’t like it. 

Airje looked at the officer beside her, “what do you suppose is going on? Any ideas?” She whispered leaning towards him, he just shrugged. “I’m not sure, but I am not jumping to conclusions and just going to see how this plays out.” The Ensign replied to her with a shrug of his shoulders and went back to work, they were about twenty minutes out from the coordinates. Airje just nodded and went back to what she was doing not giving it much thought at the moment, she was sure things would be revealed once they arrived not knowing how much more would happen that would test the crew as a whole.

Chon’al just quietly watched from his console, sensing the frustration and tensions beginning to rise. Loian noticed him and walked over, “how long have you known the Captain?” Loian asked as she noticed that he served aboard the Relentless with her when she was the first officer. Looking at the young Trill and her curiousness, “long enough Lieutenant.” He responded, “she must have some good reason for this secrecy she wouldn’t just deliberately hid something so if you’re asking if I trust her the answer is yes.” Chon’al replied looking at her before his own console, “decisions are not always easy and straight cut no matter what.” He replied with words of wisdom, which caused her to look at him for a moment lost in thought.

“Your wise for a Klingon,” Loian replied looking at him before she turned around and walked back to her station which caused him to burst out with a chuckle while others quickly looked at him for a brief moment before going back to work.

Meanwhile, in the Captain’s ready room, Makayla was standing by the window lost in thought as they traveled to their destination. “Computer lock doors,” she said as the computer beeped locking the door. “Computer begin personal log.” She said as the computer beeped again indicating that the recording has begun.

Captain’s Log Stardate 76453.2

Where do I begin, things have become more complicated as was just given orders that no Captain wants to hear. What we must ask our crew to do without reason, the amount of secrecy that has to happen. Most of my crew I have served with on the Relentless for many years while others are new. This is the most painful part of this whole ordeal is potentially breaking their trust, and telling them to do something that goes beyond what it means to be ‘Starfleet’ officers.

Will they follow me and do what is asked or will they fight back, I can guarantee there will be some pushback. Maybe even trying as far as removing me from command at what we have to do. If only I could tell them, but I can’t they would realize that we are saving lives and that of warp travel that is in danger of being destroyed. I understand the need to do this but my crew will never know and must follow me blindly.

This will not be easy but it must be done, yes I will lose the trust of my crew which is the painful part. I do not like it any more than the next Captain, but in the words of Spock ‘the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.’ There is so much wisdom in those words that it just keeps playing in my mind over and over to justify this. 

I can feel the tensions within the crew, the questions I can’t answer. Tajir is still following by my side for the time being all because I tried to reassure him to trust me but will he still trust me in the end? Those are all hard questions that I can’t answer right now, though I want to believe that they will. This is a hard situation that in my mind there is a no-win scenario when it comes to the crew, yes they will take care of what we come to take care of but at what cost? How can any Captain live with that decision, I know it’s one I will have to live with for the rest of my days.

“Computer delete personal log,” she replied as she needed to get that off her chest but wanted to make sure no one would find it and listen to it. She decided to sit down for a moment to collect her thoughts.

Back on the bridge, “Sir we have arrived at the Kepara colony and looks like we are not alone. The USS Lune a Nova-class science vessel is in the area,” Airje replied from her console as the Vesta dropped out of warp. Tajir looked at the screen and was about to say something when Odan spoke up from his console.

“Sir we are being hailed by Captain Sorenson, but they are requesting to speak to the Captain privately in person.” Odan replied with a raised eyebrow, “what is with all this secrecy?” Tajir replied almost in a mumble. Odan wondered what was going on as well but just shrugged as he wasn’t sure what else to say.

Tapping his comm badge, “Commander Derohl to Captain Adams, we have arrived at our destination but a Captain Sorenson of the USS Lune is requesting to speak with you privately in person aboard his ship.” Tajir replied looking around the bridge, “understood Commander.” Adams replied back as she ended the communication.

Tajir looked at Odan, “send a response back saying the Captain will be over shortly.” Tajir replied as Odan nodded sending the message. “Done sir,” Odan replied as he was wondering what was going on but at the moment the Captain exited her ready room and headed for the lift. A few moments later she disappeared from the bridge heading towards the transporter room.

Kriia was on the bridge but remained quiet up until that very moment, “what is going on? The Captain is acting very unusual, but I have noticed a trend between all Captains that Adams has been in contact with the last few hours.” Kriia said as her tail flowed behind her and her ears laid back.

“I keep wondering that Kriia, I can’t get any information on this planet nor are the scans giving me anything useful other than it’s a class-M planet with a few hundred humanoids below but not giving me much else,” Dedre replied from her console, “I hope we get some answers when the Captain returns.” Chon’al pipped up as he was beginning to see a trend of what was going on. 

After a few moments, Makayla made it to the transporter room padd and stepped on board. A few moments later Makayla had been transported over to the USS Lune. “Sir the Captain is on board the USS Lune sir,” Odan replied from his console while the others just seem to nod their heads while still trying to figure out what was going on with what little they had or were allowed to pull up without being blocked.

Tajir sat in the Captain’s chair thinking maybe he would find something in the Captain’s ready room and wanted to snoop around but was quickly snapped out of that. ‘You can’t do that Tajir, what kind of person would you be if you don’t give her the benefit of the doubt.’ He said in his head as he sat there he shook his head, ‘get ahold of yourself Tajir.” He replied in his mind as now was a waiting game of what their next move would be.