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Like Trying To Find A Needle…

USS Discovery NCC-82006, Abaddon's Repository of Lost Treasures, Gradin Belt, Delta Quadrant
Stardate: 76437.1
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Journeying towards the junkyard had been uneventful for the crew of the USS Discovery, in fact it had given Commodore Bennet plenty of time to catch up on reports that he had been leaving for some time now. He had kept himself up to date on how the Odyssey was dealing with the Uxali and that the Elysion was underway to provide aid to the Dagmari. In between that he had written a formal report for Starfleet Command as well as the Federation Council regarding the Kadi.

After being called to the bridge by Captain Rider, Bennet had obliged when the call had come in and was now travelling upwards in a turbolift. When he stepped off the turbolift, he automatically noticed the calmness and was pleased that no-one shouted ‘admiral on deck’. That had been a protocol he had temporarily suspended on the ship.

Walking over to the centre of the chair, Bennet noticed that Rider was in deep conversation with an alien he had not recognised at first before he realised who it was.


Noticing the arrival of the flag officer, Rider paused his discussion and turned to Bennet. “Commodore Bennet, this is Mister Abaddon-”

“As I said to your Captain Rider, the name was passed down from my father and his father before him. I plan to pass it down to my son but what can I say, except that we’re not a very imaginative bunch!” the flamboyant character said with a huge smile plastered across his face.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Mister Abaddon.” Bennet said with a smile.

“The pleasure is all mine Commodore Bennet and please let me welcome you to Abaddon’s Repository of Lost Treasures. As I’ve said to your colleagues, please take a look around. You may find something you never knew you wanted!” Abaddon remained cheerful.

Smiling back at the older gentleman, Bennet showed his appreciation for the man’s flare with a greeting. “Thank you Mister Abaddon, we are here to rendezvous with the U-S-S Nobel. I’m assuming she’s still here?”

“Ah yes, your beautiful task force executive officer took off the other day to catalogue my vast array of collectibles. I believe they’re quite deep into the yard.” Abaddon cleared up. “You will also need to enter as communication is dampened by the amount of ships we have.”

“Indeed, your inventory seems to have exploded since Voyager had encountered you almost twenty years ago.” Rider mentioned.

Smiling at how big his junkyard was, Abaddon took further pride in Rider’s remarks. “A fantastic opportunity with the Turei came my way. Now your Captain Kravchik remarked you would be interested in setting up a deal with me. Why don’t you both join me for a meal and we can discuss terms? My galley is filled with treasure treats from across the quadrant. I’m sure we can find something to entice your taste buds!”

“Thank you very much, that’s awfully kind of you.” Bennet said. “Let me speak with Captain Kravchik first and we will go from there. In the meantime, can I send in our teams to begin to catalogue your treasures?”

Abaddon agreed to the request. “Absolutely, but all I say is if anyone damages anything then-”

“We pay for it?” Bennet offered.

“Indeed and if you try to steal anything, I promise you we are capable of getting what is stolen back. Good day Commodore Bennet.” Abaddon then closed the channel.

Turning to Rider, Bennet gave the order to launch their runabouts to find the Nobel so he and Kravchik could take their next steps with the eccentric businessman.