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To support its efforts to be a complete mobile group working on deep space exploration assignments, Starfleet established the command structure of the 4th Fleet’s Task Force 17 on a mobile flagship group. This group is capable of supporting large operations exploring deep space, providing logistical and operational assistance to ships otherwise vast distances from Starfleet. At present, the Lead Expeditionary Group is deployed to the Delta Quadrant with the following ships:

– USS Discovery (NCC-82006) – Century class
– USS Nobel (NCC-76990) – Galaxy class
– USS Triton (NCC-80106) – Luna class
– USS Shackleton (NCC-72721) – Rhode Island class
– USS Tereshkova (NCC-89894) – Inquiry class


Writing in the Lead Expeditionary Group

This is the Headquarters for TF17, and an open playground for fiction that is:

– Written by or in consultation with TF staff to advance the Task Force plotline
– Written by members who are junior officers (those holding the ranks of Ensign, Lieutenant Junior Grade, or Lieutenant) about their primary characters’ adventures

Or some combination of the above!

Any member of the Task Force is welcome to start a Mission if it falls into one of the above categories.  The main purpose of this section is to house and support the writing of junior officers about their primary character. This usually takes two broad forms:

– Stories about the history of your primary character, before they have become a ship commander
– Stories about these primary characters assigned to the Task Force HQ in 2399, as officers expected to soon become starship commanders and in the meantime given missions in the region

Once you reach the rank of Lieutenant Commander, you can request your own Command and write there.


Please make sure your thread follows Canon Policy – I encourage you to refer specifically to Sections 1 and 4.3 – and bear in mind the following for writing in this section:

– There is no plot you are required to adhere to. You are encouraged to come up with your own missions and storylines.
– These stories should be fairly self-contained, episodic adventures that do not massively change the canon of the regions.
– You are free to write on your own or collaborate with others. Reach out to members of your TF on Discord if you want a writing buddy!
– Junior officers’ stories can be set on any of the ships in the expeditionary force, or about a lone officer deployed somewhere in the region, or with a team dispatched on a specific mission from the station by runabout
– You don’t need to worry about length; Stories can be as long or short as you want. We encourage good spelling and grammar so your writing can be easily enjoyed, but nobody will be enforcing this!
– You should keep your own Stories to one Mission.


The Lead Expeditionary Group In-Play

Each ship performs a specific role that contributes to the group’s efficacy as a mobile command base, the vessels usually operating at least in pairs. New members of Task Force 17 can write their character as already assigned to one of the ships. The expeditionary force has been assigned to the Gradin Belt of the Delta Quadrant.



The brand-new Century-class ship serves as the flagship for the expeditionary force. Characters aboard Discovery may find themselves dealing with a range of diplomatic or exploration missions because of this. Due to her size and nature, she is one of the few ships in the group to have civilians and family members aboard. Players can also write joint entries with the TFCO aboard.



The Nobel has specialist teams from the Starfleet Corps of Engineers assigned to assist in the maintenance of the expeditionary force as well as deal with any other engineering matter that arises. With her industrial replicators and large cargo bays dedicated to storage for important parts, components and resources, the Nobel can extend the lifeline the expeditionary force requires while they are so far away from Starfleet. Alongside this she boasts an impressive sickbay that can provide state of the art medical assistance or deal with mass triage.

Members can write a more specialised character aboard the Nobel, be it engineering, medical or operations. They may find themselves delivering needed supplies to one of the other ships or providing technical assistance. The Nobel is the only other vessel to boast civilians and families aboard.



The key explorer in the expeditionary force. As a Luna-class, the Triton has the most diverse crew in the force, with only one third of the crew being humanoid base. The ship is primarily assigned to scientific missions.

The Triton is a good option for members who want to write a non-humanoid character. Players are encouraged to use their imagination and write for such fascinating creatures including the Aurelian, Horta, Edosians, Phylosian or Xindi. Stories aboard will likely have a scientific focus.



Assigned as the primary scout of the expeditionary force, the Shackleton is the smallest ship in the fleet. She largely supports exploration missions of the Triton or Discovery, assists the Nobel with supply runs, or provides tactical support to the larger ships. Due to requiring more re-supplying than the others, the Shackleton is not that far from the Nobel.

Writing aboard the Shackleton can reflect the more intimate environment of a smaller ship. A quarter of the Shackleton’s crew are seasoned officers and provide further training to more junior crew.



The Tereshkova is an Inquiry-class assigned to handle most tactical engagements, and prioritises the defence of the force. Due to this, the Tereshkova has two experienced and well-equipped hazard teams assigned to it. They are the best of the best in the expeditionary force. As such, the Tereshkova is normally found close by to the Nobel, but when required she can be quickly deployed for action or to mobilise her Hazard Teams. Members can write as a member of these teams, engaging hostile forces in the Delta Quadrant.

Crew Manifest

Name Position Rank
Task Force Commanding Officer
ID: 2121
Task Force member
ID: 2263
Task Force member
ID: 2263
Task Force member
ID: 18
Task Force member
ID: 18
Task Force member
ID: 18

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