Part of Lead Expeditionary Group: Return To The Endgame and Lead Expeditionary Group: Operation: Delta Expedition

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

USS Discovery NCC-82006, Kadi System, Delta Quadrant
Stardate: 76436.6
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“Commodore’s log stardate seven-six-four-three-six point six, we’ve completed our diplomatic engagement with the Kadi. To say that this has been a learning curve for us is understandment.”

Walking side by side down the corridor of the Century-class ship, Commodore Bennet and Superior Abbott Tomin led the small delegation towards the transporter room.

“Your excellency, it has been an absolute privilege and honour to spend these last few days with you and your people.” Bennet remarked as the doors to the room they were approaching swished open.

Bowing courteously and respectfully with his head, Tomin led his half of their party up onto the platform before them. “It has been quite pleasing to indulge ourselves in some of your colourful traditions again commodore.”

Tomin, who had originally assessed Voyager many years ago, now led his people. The senior clerical figure wore his grey robes with a form of distinction, but there was a slight twinkle in his eye that showed he enjoyed being in the presence of the Federation again. Bennet, being the only one who had clearance to read a portion of the reports that had been marked as almost off the record by Admiral Janeway, had enjoyed the abbott’s company and eagerness to explore the Discovery. He was probably one of the most liberal individuals he had met from the Kadi society. Quietly the man had requested that Bennet keep what had happened decades ago on Voyager quiet. Bennet was happy to comply and assured him that it would not cloud his judgement in their talks. The Starfleet flag officer wanted to show that the Federation had principles and didn’t just bargain their way through talks by holding those in high office of state to bribery.

“Anytime your excellency wishes to visit and we are in the area, please do just give us.” Bennet said with a friendly smile.

Tomin looked to his aide and nodded for them to place their going away gift over the neck of Commodore Bennet. Gratefully, Bennet accepted the gift.

“Gracious hosts who have let us join the sanctity of their home and family, we pass the goddess mother’s blessings on to you and your crew.” The aide said as he placed the silver medallion over Bennet. The gift was a simple silver chain with what looked like a locket in the centre. Sitting in the middle of the locket was a dark reddish gem that Bennet didn’t recognise.

“Thank you.” Bennet said before he nodded to the transporter chief and ordered for him to energise the transporter.

Within seconds the Kadi delegation was beamed off the ship and stepping forward from the door was Captain Rider.

“That looks expensive.” Rider remarked when he pointed to the medallion around Bennet’s neck.

Looking at it, Bennet agreed with him. “I’ve got a feeling it’s beryllium crystal.” He then looked back up to Rider. “What’s on the agenda next then captain?”

Rider was still smiling at hearing Bennet call him that. Instead of reacting to it he answered the question. “We’re to head to the junkyard to join the Nobel.”

“Sounds good.” Bennet said. “Perhaps digging through some old scraps would be a nice change of scenery from all of the pomp and circus of a diplomatic function.”

“Well who knows what other gems we may end up finding.” Rider gestured towards the gem around Bennet’s neck as they exited the transporter room to head to the bridge.