Part of USS Atlantis: Mission 1 : Let’s go be explorers…

“Begin recording a message for distribution list Fantastic Four.”

USS Atlantis, Delta Quadrant
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Mission Day 03
USS Atlantis – Ready Room

“…and so outside of the frankly non-critical hull breach and the plasma fire they had raging in Engineering when we got here, the Tavorax is in pretty good shape for a ship we initially thought of as severely damaged,” Lieutenant Velan said in his report. The Efrosian Chief Engineer’s uniform was frankly in a dire state, with the black not hiding the stains of various solutions found within the Krenim scout ship, or the tear on his left sleeve where it clearly got caught on something.

“I’ve just swapped with Lieutenant Maxwell who is overseeing repairs to their warp core and drive systems. Would go faster but their Engineer is being a bit cagey about their engines. Confidential technology and the such,” he continued, a hand coming up to stroke his rather modest moustache.

“Anything we should worry about?” asked Mac before Tikva could herself.

It was just the three of them here, all seated, letting Velan brief them on his rather busy day aboard the currently limp vessel that was alongside the Atlantis. Tikva had insisted on the Engineer sitting in fact. ‘Before you fall over’ she had told him before shoving a cup of tea in his hands.

“Our initial scans, before they put a stop to that, I’d say they cap out at warp eight or so. Nothing we haven’t seen or couldn’t replicate without a bit of effort. I don’t think they’re aware of subspace wear that warp drive is capable of as we saw no signs of advanced field geometry equipment. Then again the general planiform of their ships dictates a warp field that sort of makes the need moot really.”

“Interesting,” Tikva commented as she leaned back in her chair, a cup of cocoa in her hands. A mental calculation put this at cup…three? Yah, it was only cup three. Keep telling yourself that Tikva. “Their Executive officer in Sickbay seems to be a pretty open fellow but I’ve spoken twice now with Captain Hallin and have to conclude with your statement Velan – these folks are being a bit cagey about something.”

“Working with them for most of the day Captain, I’d say it’s more the senior officers who are cagey. The rest of the crew seem…cautious perhaps, but I think we won more than a few over just by being here to save them from the Hirogen.” Velan shook his head side to side in thought for a second. “A few more perhaps just from being helpful with no expectations on them.”

“Okay Velan. So outside of your crew briefing and damage reports, anything else?” Tikva asked and continued on with Velan’s negative head shake. “In that case go clean up, get something to eat and sleep if you need to.”

“Right you are ma’am,” the Efrosian replied, took one more sip of his tea then stood, set cup down on the tray Tivka had on her desk and nodded before exiting the Ready Room.

“Any trouble from our friends in Sickbay or Four Forward Mac?” she asked.

“None. Perfect guests. Those being discharged from Sickbay are escorted straight to Four Forward and don’t seem to show any interest in running off elsewhere. Some of them are keeping to themselves, others are being sociable with our crew.” Mac was nursing a cup of coffee himself, half gone while listing to Velan speak. “Commander Terk seems quiet taken with us I think.”

“Just finding it odd Mac how some of them are open and others aren’t. Little suspicious to me.”

“Well ma’am,” he came back to her. “I wouldn’t worry. There’s twenty of them aboard ship, plus another fifteen on their own ship. We have a crew of two hundred and twelve. I would put any suspicious feelings you’re getting down to…mild xenophobia? They were just rescued from the Hirogen by a multi-racial crew from a polity they didn’t even know existed a day ago.”

“Maybe you’re right,” she conceded to her XO. “We’ll just keep an eye on them, politely of course. And make sure Maxwell has what he needs on the Tavorax to help them get back on their toes. Sooner we can stop beaming power to them, the happier I’ll be.”

“Don’t like being stuck like this?” he asked.

“Don’t mind escorting someone, just don’t like being stuck in one spot really. Once we’re free to manoeuvre I’ll be happier.”

To: Rear Admiral Matthew Cody, Commander, Station Delta-Bravo
From: Commander Tikva Theodoras, Captain, USS Atlantis
Subject: Second Contact with Krenium Imperium


Atlantis is currently suspending our travel to the Swallow Nebula for principal survey duties as we have responded to a distress call from a Krenium Imperium scout ship, the IS Tavorax. Vessel was under attack by a Hirogen vessel matching Voyager records for a mid-range vessel.

We have managed to scare off the Hirogen for now and are assisting the Tavorax in making repairs before we will undertake an escort of the vessel to the nearest Krenium outpost. Once we have assisted Tavorax in returning to her people we will continue underway to the Swallow Nebula for assigned survey duties.

Please find attached all scans of the Hirogen vessel we made before it’s departure. Notably there are minor weapons and shielding upgrades since Voyager was last in the area and Atlantis proved to be more then a match for them at this time. I have also attached all Engineering scans of the Krenium ship we have been able to take at this time for reference.

In our limited interactions I believe we have had more contact with the Imperium then Voyager had. I will use our continued exposure to attempt to open a dialogue with the Imperium. I have already informed them of our desire to map the Swallow Nebula and am seeking permission to identify Delta-Bravo as our base of operations should they wish to undertake a more formal relationship with the UFP.

If Sir I do not hear back from you, I will continue on my outlined course of actions. If you have any concerns or a change in orders please respond.


Commander Tikva Theodoras
Commanding Officer
USS Atlantis

Mission Day 04
IS Tavorax – Main Engineering

“Right, try it now,” Velan shouted from inside equipment compartment, lying on his back under a series of circuits.

The Krenium officer who was standing over him reconnected two cable bundles and watched as all the computer monitors on the portside of Engineering sprang back to life. The handsome woman’s face actually broke out into a smile as she reached down to help Velan up to his feet. “Looks like it’s working. Your display panels seem to be compatible with our systems.”

“Well, once we told the panels how to talk to your computer, it was easy,” Velan responded as the panels kept flickering, cycling through display settings until settling down on a chosen layout. “Those you’re Engineering controls?”

“That’s it,” Commander Teneran responded. Velan watched her as she tapped a few controls, brought up displays and made a few queries of the computer to check the displays were working properly. The handsome woman had gone from being standoffish and suspicious yesterday to polite and tolerable today. Velan put it down to his Beta shift led by Lieutenant Maxwell exceeding expectations and assisting in getting Tavorax’s warp drive back online during the night.

“Lieutenant,” she said turning to face Velan. “I was unfair on you and your people yesterday. What your people have done is much appreciated.”

“Don’t worry about it,” he responded, “It’s what we do.”

Her eyes narrowed for a moment as she tried to get a read for Velan and then gave up. “Either you’re from a very different part of the galaxy or your people are very, very naive.”

Velan shrugged his shoulders. “Or a bit of both.”

Teneran chuckeled lightly at that comment. “Right, shall we go see what the kids are up to?”

“It’s your ship, I’m just the out of town repairman,” Velan responded as he fell in beside her.

Mission Day 04
USS Atlantis – Ready Room

Tikva sat back in her chair, head back and rubbed at the bridge of her nose, fingers then moving upwards to her eyebrows and then forehead, attempting to rub away the slowly building pain that was there. She knew this pain would eventually come to roost as she had quit coffee and tea a few days ago.

She’d become to reliant on caffeine again and so it was time to detox. Which inevitably meant a caffeine withdrawal.

Looking back at her monitor she saw the time and made the executive decision that now was a good time for lunch. She stopped however as her eyes glanced over a picture frame on her desk, positioned so that every time she left her chair she’d catch it in her vision.

Four individuals made up the group in the frame. Four Ensigns, their uniforms pristine and rank pips so beautifully shiny. The Bay Bridge hung in the background and the blue of a San Francisco afternoon dominated the background. Those four people were invincible each and every one of them.

“Computer,” she said as she grabbed the frame and got to her feet. This felt like a time to pace gently around her office. “Begin recording a message for distribution list Fantastic Four.” The computer took a moment to respond with its familiar little chirp.

“Hey guys, Tikva here. Captain Tikva as I’m sure you’ve all heard by now. So, guess who just made second contact in the DQ? So, here’s the deal…”