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Part of USS Odyssey: The End Of All Our Exploring

Safe Harbour

Deep Space 5, Beta Quadrant
Stardate: 76039.58
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Stood gazing down at the interior bay of DS5, Captain McCallister stood with Rear Admiral Gosch as they discussed Odyssey’s recent skirmish with forces from the Romulan Republic and Fenris Rangers. Within the bay now rested the Troy/Spectre.

“I am quite shocked at how both sides were prepared to do whatever it took to take that ship.” McCallister stated as he looked to his superior officer.

The Tellarite admiral was a few feet shorter than him and gave out a gruff noise in response. “Don’t worry James, I will have the best engineers take a look at her and see what it is they were after. There must be some clue we can find.”

Agreeing the admiral’s assessment, McCallister just found the whole situation strange and quite frustrating that they could not resolve this enigma. “Will the ship be looked at by the Pasadena?”

Heading back to his desk, Gosch waved the question away as he got comfortable in his dark red chair. “I’ve told Captain Remarkish that she’ll have to go onto her next assignment. I’ve got an entire division of specialists who want to take a look at her. Being one of the former stations assigned to advanced starship design, we’ve got enough people here to take a good look under the cover to see what made it such a treasure chest that others were keen to get their hands on it.”

Pleased that the mystery may be resolved sooner, McCallister gave out a sigh of a relief. He had only met the admiral a few times but felt comfortable enough to be a bit casual. “Are you aware sir what my next orders are?”

Gosch took a PADD from his desk and passed it to the younger man. “James, I think you’re going to like what Starfleet have got in store for you and your team.”