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Part of USS Saratoga: Is there Hope? and Bravo Fleet: The Archanis Campaign

Hazard Team

Archanis Sector
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Right before they had left Starbase 27 again for the Meronia Cluster they had gotten a last-minute assignment of a Hazard team that was heading to the same area. Once their shuttle was in the shuttle bay the Vesta went to warp. Makayla tapped her combadge, “Captain Adams to Ensign Vakai please report to my ready room.” Adams said over the comm as she sat at her desk and wait for the arrival of their newest guest.

Adams didn’t mind tag along as they had the room in their shuttle bay for an extra shuttlecraft. She wanted to meet the leader and get a sense of their mission.

Ensign Vakai stood there with his hands clasped behind the small of his back while he watched Ensign Ryker pilot their shuttle right into Vesta’s shuttle bay. As soon as the shuttle had landed, locked down, and powered down, he could feel a small vibration of the ship going to warp. Very small, but he was very observant, especially after what happened weeks ago. “Can you believe it? A Vesta Class Starship, one of the fastest ships in the fleet and she’s on the frontlines.” Ryker exclaimed.

Vakai just shrugged his left shoulder. “Have you read the mission reports? Hunters of D’Ghor are no joke. Starfleet needed every available ship to do what needs to be done to protect the citizens of the Federation and hopefully put an end to these renegade Klingons.” Vakai then heard the voice of a woman over the Comm, who identified herself as the Captain.

“Looks like you’re being paged,” Ryker smirked. Vakai shrugged his left shoulder, again. “It’s procedure. We’ll talk about the mission again later. Just make sure we still got everything, we did leave the Starbase in kind of a hurry.” Vakai laid out his order before stepping out of the shuttle and making his way to the Captain’s ready room, where he would press the door chime.

Looking up “enter,” Adams replied as the doors parted ways to reveal Vakai in the doorway. “Please have a seat,” she said as she gestured for the two open chairs in front of her desk. “Welcome aboard Ensign,” she added with a smile. “So, we got last-minute orders to transport your team to the Meronia Cluster, if you don’t mind sharing your mission with me.” She replied as she studied the young Romulan Starfleet Officer.

The moment he saw the door open, was the moment he stepped right in and stood before her desk with his hands still clasped behind his back, that is until she gestured to one of the seats, which he took the left one. “Thank you, Captain.” He smiled lightly, “Yes, last-minute changes can be bothersome but it would have been a different, slower, vessel that would have taken us if you hadn’t returned with the USS Hope.” Vakai then thought over the request of sharing the mission with her. Wasn’t classified or anything, so he doesn’t see why not, nor did he feel like lying to a Captain. “Well, we are to be deployed at one of the colonies that are likely under attack by the Hunters of D’Ghor. Course, finding out which one is probably the tricky part if they are smart enough to jam comms. Then we are to eliminate the threat, take one of their shuttles, and head into The Triangle to look for…anything that the D’Ghor owns. Planet. Outpost, anything we can find. The objective is to get intel, as much as Starfleet wants in hopes to put an end to this. But from what I have read, I am not certain how decent the intel will be.” He licked his lips as he paused before shrugging his left shoulder. “Of course, Hazard Teams assignments kind of get changed at the last minute. First, we were just going to be on the Starbase for a week or so, and then just as we arrived, which was over an hour ago, we were given the mission that I just told you.”

She nodded, “with our little set back we will be arriving tomorrow morning even at maximum warp which any other ship would have been close to two days journey.” She replied looking at him. “I have assigned you and your team quarters while you’re aboard,” she added looking at him for a brief moment before continuing.

“We will be patrolling the area as well as sending teams of our own down to colonies who have been affected by the raids as well as assisting them in a cure for their fungal disease that is killing their crops.” She replied, “If you need back up we will be there to assist.” She finished adjusting in her chair.

Vakai nodded his head slowly, “I do appreciate the hospitality, Captain and my Pilot kind of figured with this ship, we’d get there much faster than any other vessel. As for the backup, that would definitely depend on where we are at. The last thing I would want is to risk a lovely ship such as this if we happen to be deep inside The Triangle. I may have missed this in reading but did anyone figure out where the fungal disease is coming from? Like, was it natural or…?”

“From our reports, it seems to be natural but our science team will be able to figure out more once they get there.” She replied looking at him, “oh when we responded to Hope’s distress call we found an exploit with the Klingon Birds-of-Prey that might come in handy.” She paused for a moment before she continued on.

“They are older ships that have one thing that they haven’t fixed, if you recalibrate your deflector dish and send a pulse wave to them it will cause their ship to start to cloak which causes their shields to go down where you can fire on them. Though one ship did get away, so they might have time to fix that problem.” She replied before she continued.

“My offer still stands, contact us if you are in trouble we got you covered.” She replied looking at him with a smile.

Vakai placed his right thumb and index finger onto his chin as he began to think. Of course, it could simply be natural, but it seemed suspicious to him. Course being Romulan by blood, certain things always tend to be suspicious. “Little suspicious to me. But if my team happens to find any intel at all, maybe we will find out if D’Ghor were being unconventional, maybe not. We have no idea what we will find.”

Then he thought over about the exploit and swore he read something like that from the Academy in his first years, but he couldn’t quite remember. He was too focused on his books than listening to historical events from his history instructor. “Well if one ship did get away, I highly doubt that they would let such a thing happen again. But if they’re old B’Rels then they shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. If we had a runabout that is.” He smirked before giving a single nod. “And I will keep that offer in my pocket if the time comes.”

She nodded “I don’t have anything else at the moment. You are free to go settle in, get something to eat, or just relax while we travel. We will let you know once we have arrived.” She replied as she stood up with a smile.

Vakai stood up almost immediately as she started to and clasped his hands behind the small of his back again. “It is a pleasure meeting you, Captain. And again, thank you for your hospitality.”

“Any time, we are in this together.” She replied as she watched him leave her ready room. Looking at the time, she decided she needed to get something to eat as it’s been a while. She too walked out of her ready room and headed to the turbolift, to the mess hall.

A Joint Post by JShepard as Vakai and his Hazard Team and myself.