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Part of USS Saratoga: Is there Hope? and Bravo Fleet: The Archanis Campaign


Archanis Sector
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This was really it, they were on their way into a situation that could go in multiple ways, the crew working together to prepare themselves for what awaited them. Sitting in the center chair watching the stars fly by, looking at Tajir who just seemed to nod as if he knew what she was thinking and feeling. Having worked together for the past several years on the Relentless, they were colleagues and trusted friends.

“Captain, I know I speak for myself and the crew when I say this. We will be ready, we will face this together.” Tajir replied looking at her, he always knew what to say and when and he wasn’t afraid to tell her the truth no matter if she wanted to hear it or not. Pressing her lips together she nodded before looking back out the view screen for a few brief moments.

“You have the bridge Commander,” she replied as she stood up and headed towards her ready room.

Walking into her ready room the doors closed behind her, walking over to the window looking out at the stars flying past. “Computer begin personal log,” she ordered as the computer beeped signifying that the log has now begun. She sighed before she began her recording.

Captains personal log Stardate 76528.6

The USS Vesta has left Starbase 27 after receiving the supplies for the colonies and now we are en route to the Meronia Cluster, where we will be sending away teams with supplies to a couple of their planetary colonies in the system while our main mission will be patrolling the cluster. Where should I begin, the crew is on the edge which they have every right to be. I am afraid that I also fall within that category.

It is unusual to see a Vesta-class ship within the front lines but because of how fast the ship is, she has been designated as a rapid response vessel in these times of crisis. I worry that we will be putting a strain on the ship, she has a very capable engineering team. I think they’re the best in Starfleet and rightful so as to make sure things run as smoothly as possible.

But that doesn’t relieve my fear, what if we engage those Hunters of D’Ghor? Will we be prepared enough? We are fast enough but will that be to our advantage? Those are questions I have yet to find answers for. I know I need to have faith in this ship, this crew but…how can I when I am doubting my own ability?

Never would I have thought that I would be sitting in the Captain’s chair let alone in a Vesta-class starship, that is being sent out in the front lines to become a rapid response vessel to render humanitarian aid to those who have been brutalized by the D’Ghor, for what! What are their motives? What are they looking to achieve? Again so many questions that just don’t have answers, at least not answers that are showing themselves right now. 

Why aren’t the Klingon Defence Force not assisting us? Are they trying to remain neutral or do they just don’t want to get involved? Guess those questions will never truly be answered, at least not right now and definitely not to me. My crew is preparing, running every drill possible to be ready for anything that will come our way, and they will, it’s just a matter of time. We will be prepared to protect those who can’t protect themselves if that means we die doing it.

We will stop them…we have to stop them before more lives are lost…we must!

“Computer end personal log,” she said as the computer beeped again to signify that the recording had stopped. Looking back out the window for a few more moments, taking a deep breath in she exhaled before walking over to her desk and took a seat. She had piles of padds on her desk, with everything that has been happening lately she hasn’t had the time to really sit down and get them done.

“Now is a better time than ever,” she told herself as she picked up one of the padds and began to read over the content.