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Part of USS Mariner: M3: Let Loose the Beast of War and Bravo Fleet: Labyrinth

14) Stepping Outside

USS Mariner - Airlock 14C
September 2401
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Clicking the wristlocks to close, Adrián looked at the status of his EVA suit and nodded to himself. His attention diverted to his side, seeing Adham, a relatively young scientist officer who K'Nala asked to help out with the engineering team in repairs. Yet he didn't seem very motivated to go outside in such a hostile space, but he drew the short end as he had EVA training on his record as outstanding. Adham's engineering skills, as medium as they might be, would be a welcoming addition to this challenging task. “Are you okay, Ensign?” 

He looked nervously up as he clicked the footlock of his boot towards Adrián. “Ye….Yes, sir, it is both terrifying and amazing…more terrifying, honestly. Commander” Adham was not thrilled to go outside the spaceship, but instead stayed inside and helped the science team connect the dots as to where they were in the underspace or how it could even happen. But on the flip side, it was unique to go outside and witness the brute force of the underspace. 

He gave a brief nod in his direction, “Just stay calm and focus on the task at hand, as that will take some hours to finish.” Adrián was not looking forward to the daunting task. But it was not like he had a choice, as most of his engineering team was either occupied or in sickbay. 

“When will Lieutenant Istrati relieve us?” 

A young voice came from Adrián's side as he looked in the direction, seeing Ensign Cho getting the helmet on and checking her gear. “Lieutenant Istrati will relieve us when the internal power system is back up, and sickbay is not sending me a message every….” A ping came as Adrián shrugged, looking at the device on his arm from sickbay. “Focus on the task, Ensign; we will work overtime until the Lieutenant can relieve us.” He placed the helmet on his head and locked it. “Comm check, Adrián”

“Adam, comm check received.” 

“Keeyiro, comm check received.” 

Adrián realizes he was on a name basis in the comm check and shrugs a bit as he nods to them both. “Remember, the underspace is very dangerous and very unpredictable. Have your magnetic boots on always and get your rope hooked.” He raises his hook and sees them both nodding. As he walks into the airlock with the rest of the team and gear, he places the gear with a magnetic lock on a floating workbench, small and compact but suitable for transporting tools and material. “Ensign bin Suhail, start the decompression process,” Adrián orders as he checks the tools. 

Walking to the panel, Adham presses the buttons and panel to start the decompression process. The air gets sucked out of the room as a green light appears. “Decompression process complete, Commander. We are good to go outside.” He walks to the door and releases the seal as it hisses open. 

“Magnetic boats on!” Adrián ordered as he tapped his arm panel. The boots clicked onto the floor, and the thud sounds of the other boots clicking onto the ground confirmed his decision to start this difficult task. Slowly moving into the space, he noticed the rough space they were in. As Adham said earlier, it was amazing and yet terrifying to witness these powers. His eyes scanned the chaotic space, seeing debris of the planet ripped apart by the brute strength of this capture, which brought them here. But also metal frames from their ship, older derelict ships most likely lured into the spiderweb of chaos. His eyes stared at a metal frame that floated there as if nothing had happened. 

“Commander," A voice came from behind Adrián. “We have to keep moving; the radiation meters are already hitting our EVA,” Keeyiro concluded as she moved ahead with the floating workbench to the almost broken-off warp cell, followed by Adham.

Looking in their direction, Adrián started to follow them and could only now see the immense damage the Mariner had endured. He looked at his arm and saw the meter of radiation slowly rising. “Gives us about four to five hours; after that, we will be experiencing radiation poisoning,” he added and shrugged. His eyes diverted to the engine, and he inspected it as he walked to it.

The team stopped close to the metal framework where the warp cell was still attached. As Adrián points at various key points, “We have to make sure the structural integrity is stabilized, meaning we have to focus on cracks, ripples that are a threat to further damage. We weld those locations, and when Captain Kobahl has restored one of the shuttle bays, we will receive some drone assistance.” 

“How many drones do we have?” Adham asked a valid and concerning question. If they had to do the welding themselves, it would take days before the ship could move again.

He turned his attention to the young scientist. “No ETA is given, as I have not yet heard news from the Captain about the condition of the shuttle bay. I only know that the bay is a mess and needs configuration on what is still usable. I hope we can use all the drones stored there, but don't pin your hopes on that.” He locks the workbench on the area and grabs the welding gear.

Keeyiro grabs the welding toolkit and walks to the first designated area. She dives a bit, seeing a small rock passing over her head. “We better stay alert; this space is quite occupied.” She kneels at the first spot and grabs the stuff, using the computer guiding system to analyze and support her in welding it correctly. 

The surrounding space was in constant movement; large debris was floating around, and at the far end, a flash of it disappeared. Adham could only conclude that this was genuinely underspace. His eyes looked around as he kneeled slowly down with his welding kit at his designated location. However, Adham's eyes stopped at a large piece of rock where he could see fragments of houses. “The colony….” He muttered to himself as a red glimmer reflected in his eyes. He looked in that direction, and his pupils widened. “Commander,” He pointed in the direction. 

Looking in the direction of Adham, Adrián's eyes followed the direction of where he was pointing. He slowly stood up and gasped at the sight he saw in front of him. He tapped his comm badge. “Commander Valerio to Captain Kobahl….we have an issue. There is a Mat'Ha class ship at drift near our location. The Klingon ship is quite battered up as I see a lot of damage and nearly no energy.”