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Not Again!

September 2401
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Hok let out a long and frustrated sigh. It was two days since he had gone to Glosh for help, but he hadn’t heard anything yet. To compound matters, he wasn’t getting new business or clients in his private security company. If he was a paranoid man, he would have thought someone with influence was blacklisting him. Looking out the window from his office, his eye caught something suspicious. A young Ferengi male was staring at his storefront. He seemed to notice Hok looking at him, so he turned away and moved down the street.

I’m not a paranoid man, thought Hok.

Moving to the side and peering out from the edge of the window, Hok waited. Sure enough, the young man returned.

Hok considered going out to confront him, but that could cause a public display he didn’t need. The best thing to do was wait. Minutes passed like hours and the other Ferengi finally walked towards Hok’s office. His pace was brisk. and he stepped inside.

“May I help you?” said Hok. He was ready for a fight, if it came to that.

“Glosh sent me. He wanted me to make sure I wasn’t followed.”

Finally! “Okay,” said Hok. “What do you have for me?”

“Glosh said powerful and influential people want to question you. Your life may or may not be in danger, he doesn’t know for sure. He recommends you leave Ferenginar until things quiet down. Don’t tell anyone where you’re going.”

Hok’s shoulders slumped. What was he in the middle of now and how did it happen?

“What else did Glosh say?”

“Just that you shouldn’t take long to leave. This is bigger than he thought and only your friendship is why he got involved.”

Hok wondered what he did to deserve this. Shaking his head, he went to his desk and grabbed a bar of gold-pressed latinum from the drawer. He tossed it to the messenger, who caught it, a shocked expression on his face.

“Thank you!” He made a quick bow and hurried out of the office, scurying away and quickly disappearing into the foot traffic passing by.

Hok slumped into his chair, his head bowed and his hands in his lap. How could the same thing happen twice to the same guy? If Glosh was right, and there wasn’t really cause to think he wasn’t, there was only one option Hok had, only one place he could go.