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Part of USS Lakota: Episode 1: Ethical Frontier

8 – Any Means Necessary

Stardate 24015.28
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A fist smashing into a computer terminal caused the majority of the group to jump, especially the fragile Ensign who had been assigned from the Lakota's science department. Once her heart slid down her oesophagus and back into its normal position, the biologist shot her Trill counterpart a look that could kill. Dazia was frustrated, that much was certain, but she didn't have to scare everyone in the process of her repairs, did she? Natalia understood that her friend's efforts to restore communication had yet to yield any results, and that was frustrating, but she didn't have to make such a big deal of things. Outbursts like that never helped anyone.

It felt like the young Trill had been at it for hours, when in reality, they'd only been in the command center for about half an hour. While she worked on communications, the rest of the team was trying to access personnel logs and other files. Except Kivoss. Kivoss was keeping watch, his heightened sense of hearing finely attuned to the rooms beyond their location.

“Anything?” Noli asked of her young scientist, stepping across to the station in the center of the room where Natalia was hard at work.

“I'm trying a diffraction algorithm to see if I can access the logs on the system. The partition files are quite damaged, so I don't know if we'll be able to retrieve them,” the human responded with a sheepish smile. She was trying, but being a biologist and an engineer were two very different jobs. With Dazia hard at work on communications, everyone had to chip in.

Sliding up beside the youngest member of the team, the Commander looked over the algorithm that was working away. With the atmosphere breathable in the command center, the team were free to work without the restriction of their helmets. Folding one arm across her chest, the other reached up and she stroked her chin in contemplation. She then pulled her tricorder out of its pouch and began tapping away. “We could try adding in a standard decryption program from the 80's. A lot has changed in the galaxy, but these systems haven't been upgraded in nearly two decades,” the Commander suggested, glancing at Natalia, almost for approval.

“What have we got to lose?” the Ensign grinned, happy for the opportunity to work alongside the Commander somewhat closer.

Another bang at the console behind them caused the two to jump, but this time it was accompanied by an exclamation of excitement. “Nailed it!” Dazia shouted, and began a rather amusing hip twirl and jig that caused the XO to smirk. When she stopped, the Trill nodded slowly at the senior officer. “It's not much, but I've got audio.”

Tapping her commbadge, the Commander called out to the heavens above them.

“Hazard Team to Lakota…"

At first, there was nothing but static, but eventually, a few new sounds suggested that some wizardry was going on in the communications array. Then a voice, a familiar timbre to it.

“Lakota here,” the Captain's voice cut through the static, to silent cheers and congratulations aimed at Dazia for her work. To her credit, the young engineer did not seek adulation and simply moved aside to assist her science colleague in restoring access to the station's logs.

“Captain,” Noli began, “we have a problem…”

"Scientist's Log, stardate 24015.5. Doctor Cavet recording.


Our efforts to complete the genome re-sequencing has been unsuccessful, our efforts to stabilise our patients have failed. With no new samples for testing, I am forced to admit defeat; there will be no cure for this virus that is ravaging Cardassian colonies in the area. In trying to understand this virus, we've studied several biological and psychological changes in our patients - changes of great concern to me. If the virus spreads beyond the Cardassian colonies it already infects, then we'll be dealing with a pandemic that causes Cardassians to become more violent, but also less resistant to even the simplest of illnesses. Whatever this virus is, it destroys the immune system in a way I have not seen before.


We've asked the Cardassians for permission to contact Starfleet, but they were forceful in their remonstrations. They'd rather die than receive Starfleet's assistance.


It's just a shame that they may get that wish sooner than they realise…"

"Scientist's Log, stardate 24015.8. Doctor Cavet recording.


Glinn Darro broke from his restraints today. Maximilian is dead. We thought we understood everything about this virus but the cause. We were wrong. Darro seems… different… somehow. One minute he's exhibiting extreme paranoia and high aggression levels, the next he is a weeping heap in the corner of the lab.


Gul Nosott is on his way to take Darro back to the Union for study. He's ordered us to wipe our computers and never speak of this to Starfleet, but I can't, in good conscience, follow those orders. Starfleet needs to know, right?"

" * Significant Distortion Audible *


…help! Please… someone… I've sent this…mission to Starf… but they will be too la… Darro. It was all Darro. He killed Max, he killed Cavet. God knows who is nex… Wait… What was that?


* Audible disrupter fire and explosions in the background *


Nosott and his men can…op him… I've got him contained in… 637-Alpha for now. If you receive this, find him. Stop this. Please."

“That's all we were able to retrieve from the files the away team brought back with them…"

Sat around the Captain's living quarters, the senior staff looked shell-shocked as they tried to make sense of what they had heard in the audio recordings. Or'uil was sandwiched between Noli and Peri on the sofa, both Bajoran women looking deeply concerned. Across from them, beyond the ornate coffee table, Zinn and Teyahna had taken over the single matching chairs. Henry was perched on the edge of the Captain's desk, arms folded across his chest as he stared at the floor, while Linn stood next to the wall-mounted display which had been playing the accessible logs from the Biofabrication Centre. Nazir was the only person moving, pacing back and forth near her dining table, hands in her pockets, hunched shoulders and a dour expression on her face.

“If we piece the information together, the situation is pretty simple,” Zinn finally chimed in, sitting forward and resting his elbows on his knees. “They've received patients that were presenting with viral symptoms from one of the nearby Cardassian colonies. They've tried synthesising a medication and failed.”

“Yeah, really simple…” Noli shook her head towards the Deltan, who cocked his head and glared at her.

Before it went any further, Teyahna chipped in with her input. “Whatever the virus is, there is no evidence that it is affecting anyone but Cardassians. And in at least one case, it's caused extreme psychosis.”

“Perhaps the Cardassians should have allowed Cavet to alert Starfleet. We could have had medical and science teams here in days,” Peri interjected.

“Cardassians are notoriously stubborn and rarely accept help from outsiders. Their response is true to form if nothing else,” Or'uil responded to the tactician. “It would appear that this Darro person was responsible for the death of the scientists,” the Ungeat added, eliciting nods of agreement around the group.

“And if Nosott and his team tried to take this dangerous Darro in, that would explain the Cardassian weapons fire found around the facility,” Henry added, pushing himself off the Captain's desk and perching on the edge of the sofa next to Noli.

Finally coming to a stop, the Captain looked around the group, who focused on her now that she had stopped in her tracks. Most of them had served with her long enough now to know her cues and triggers. “I'll contact our friend on the Tykana, and let him know we are aware of the situation. Zinn, I want you to contact Starfleet Medical and appraise them of the situation. They can send out a more specialised crew to deal with the situation,” the Trill instructed.

“As you wish,” Zinn nodded.

“I recommend quarantining the sector until we get a handle on the situation,” Teyahna added, with Zinn nodding in agreement.

“I'll recall the squadron,” Noli told, looking to Nazir for acceptance of her suggestion. “Between the three of us, we can successfully lockdown the sector until the help from medical arrives,” she continued, a smile from Nazir signalling her approval.

“And deal with any Cardassian intruders,” Peri added.

“Can I address the elephant in the room?”

Everyone slowly turned their attention to the Bolian at the display. “The last thing the woman in the log said was that they had Darro contained. Did anyone look for him?”

“We didn't have that information at the time,” Noli frowned, sitting forward. “We didn't see a need to search the entire facility once we obtained the logs. I felt getting access to them was more important.”

“We're still struggling to get sensors to permeate the station,” Teyahna told, “so we have no idea if he is still down there or not, contained or not.”

“Peri,” Nazir looked directly at the tactical officer. "Ready a heavily armed away team. If he is there, I want him brought here and in containment.

“The Cardassians will not like that…” Or'uil interrupted.

Nazir scowled. While the Ungeat was right, that couldn't be her concern right now. “He killed Federation citizens. I couldn't care less what they will or will not like. I want him in custody so that he can't kill anymore," she looked back to Peri. “If he's still there, get him here, whatever means necessary.”

“Yes Captain. It would be handy if I could take someone familiar with the facility,” she added, looking to Noli for help on that front.

“I'd take Kivoss if I were you,” the XO responded, “he knows the facility and is significantly cooler under pressure than the rest of the team.”

“Excellent,” Nazir nodded, rubbing her hands together in front of her, as if she was trying to keep warm on a cold, winter's day. “If he's still down there, find him and get him back here…" she directed her words carefully, and clearly towards the security chief.

"…by any means necessary.”

  • Noli Auru

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  • Henry Mitchell

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