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Part of USS Eagle: Mission 7 – Wedding Bells

Problem Solved

July 2401
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“Captain Kirby, how dare you accuse my daughter of trying to kill my son!” shouted King Limmar.

King Randus had read the riot act, so it was Limmar’s turn.  Kirby had about all he could take of this mess and was about to say so, when he felt a quick tap on his hip from Lieutenant Iziraa.

Was that her telling him to be diplomatic?  Iziraa?  Inwardly counting to five, he knew she was right.

“I haven’t made any accusations,” said Kirby.  “I’m simply presenting a theory from my science officer.  It’s up to you if you want to conduct an investigation or not.”

There was a very heavy and uncomfortable silence as the two kings looked at each other.

“So what are you going to do about my daughter?” demanded Randus, changing the subject.

“She refuses to come back,” said Kirby.

“So what are you going to do?”

Kirby knew whichever decision he made, send her back or allow her to stay, he would feel he was wrong, though with one of them, he would be disobeying a direct order.  What choice did he really have?

“May I speak?” said Iziraa.

Surprised, Kirby wondered how much worse things could become if Iziraa’s fiery personality fueled the flames.

“Go ahead, Lieutenant,” said Kirby.

“Are you sure you can’t find another way?” said Iziraa.  “Can’t King Limmar’s daughter marry King Randus’ step-son?  I know you have a strict line of succession law, but can’t you bend it just this once for the good of all Lenali?  It would go a long way to showing the Federation Council that you can be flexible and are able to adapt.  Whatever you do affects your entire world, not just your two countries.  No disrespect, but you’ve been thinking only about yourselves.”

That was it.  The flames were now an inferno.  Kirby waited for the angry response.

“Captain, will you please give us the room?” said Limmar.

Kirby didn’t expect that.

“Of course.  Lieutenant.”  Kirby and Iziraa stepped into the hallway.

USS Eagle, Observation Lounge

“Bridge to Doctor Weaver.  We’re receiving a call from Captain Kirby.  He wants to update you, so we’re transferring him to you.”

“Thank you,” said Weaver.  “Go ahead, Captain.”

“Doctor, the kings have decided to let Prince Harus and Princess Mila marry to unify their countries.”

Princess Yari was standing at the window looking at her world, and when she heard the report, she gasped and spun to face Weaver.

“There’s still details to work out, so Iziraa and I will be here for awhile,” said Kirby.  “I wanted you and Princess Yari to know.”

Weaver was stunned.  When she thanked the Captain, the waver in her voice was obvious.

“Well how about that?” said Yari after the channel closed.  “Everything worked out as planned.”

“Everything what?” said Weaver.

“Can you keep a secret, Doctor?”  Yari’s face was glowing.  Her tail was swishing and bouncing.

Weaver didn’t know what to think.  “I… I suppose, unless it’s a danger to the ship.”

“There’s no danger to the ship or crew.  Swear an oath,” said Yari.


“Swear an oath or you’ll never know the truth.”

Weaver now knew how Matt felt being in the middle of two tough choices.  She wanted to know what Yari was so eager to share, but could she keep a secret so obviously huge?

“On my honor as a doctor and Starfleet officer, I won’t share what you have to say.”  There it was.  Something so important, she would take to the grave, and she would do that.

“Berathor, my head of security and I planned all of this.”

Weaver’s jaw almost fell onto the table.  In stunned silence, she didn’t know how much time passed before she could speak.  “All of what?”  She was horrified over the thought of Yari wanting to kill Prince Jahk.

“It was Berathor’s idea for me to request asylum.  I didn’t know until later that he was also behind sabotaging Jahk’s glider,” said Yari.

Weaver felt sick.

“Berathor knows people.  He connected with certain elements in Equamar that would do anything for money.  It was completely unexpected that King Limmar would ask your Captain to help find Jahk.”

Weaver wanted to vomit.  “But why?”  Her voice was a whisper.

“Berathor has been my protector my whole life.  I love him like family.  He would do anything for my happiness.  He saw how much the arranged marriage was tearing me apart.  He did what he’s done since I was a child.  He took care of me.”

“But committing murder?  How could you go along with that?” said Weaver, her voice still subdued.

“Doctor, I think you would be surprised what you are capable of if the situation was bad enough,” said Yari.

Deep down, Weaver knew the Princess was right, but she also had to believe there were lines she wouldn’t cross no matter how dire the circumstances were.

“How did you know your families would agree to let the others marry instead of you and Jahk?  They had to have already considered that.”

“They did,” said Yari, “but faced with me leaving Lenal and the possibility of a murder plot in the Royal Houses, and as much as they want to join the Federation, I knew it was a choice they had to make.  Had they held their ground, the other countries would have taken extreme measures to pressure them to change their minds.  It could even have started a world war.”

Though it was a brilliant plan, Weaver was disgusted.  The sweet, charitable, kind Princess turned out to be just as conniving as the Red Heaven people she dealt with in her undercover mission with Hok.

“So what happens now?” said Weaver.

“I remain here until after the wedding.  Then in tearful repentance, I beg forgiveness and return home to marry the man I truly love.”  Yari smiled in satisfaction.

Without saying anything, Weaver got up and walked out to the sound of Yari’s contented laugh.