Part of USS Eagle: Mission 7 – Wedding Bells

Stuck in the Middle

July 2401
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USS Eagle, Observation Lounge

Captain Kirby and Doctor Weaver left the lounge, leaving an awkward silence.

“Iziraa, you can ask me anything,” said Yari.  “I know you have questions.”

Izi was thankful for the opening.  “I understand why you came here.  I’ve been through something similar,” said Izi.

“Tell me,” said Yari.

“I was betrothed for marriage and my bond mates and I set a time for when we would be married.  When that time came, Captain Kirby was taking me back to Andoria, but unfortunately, that was when the Borg attacked Earth.  When we reached my home world, the Imperial Guard was blocking all ships from entering the system.”

“A wise precaution.  They couldn’t risk Changelings or Borg getting to your world,” said Yari.

“My bond mates asked me to come back once the Borg threat ended, but so far, I haven’t.”

“Did that anger them?”

Izi humphed.  “Like a nova.”

“What happened?” said Yari.

“The plan was for us to live on Andoria and be a family, but I’m not ready to leave Starfleet.”

“Couldn’t you do both?”

“A lot of Fleet personnel do that, but a long-distance romance isn’t for me.  When I do something, I’m all in.”

“So what you’re saying, is you made a choice to do what you wanted instead of doing what was expected of you according to the customs of your people,” said Yari.


“Do you regret it?”

“Sometimes, but I had to accept that it’s my life and I need to do what’s best for my life.”  Izi’s antennae fluttered as she thought about Keval.

“Thank you for sharing that, but it’s the same as Captain Kirby.  You have a choice.  I don’t,” said Yari.  “To live my life, I had to do something that could disrupt the entire Lenali people.  Does that make me selfish?”

Izi had to think about that before answering.  “Maybe, Princess, but if your people can’t accept and understand why you asked for our help and if they can’t find another way to meet the Federation admission requirements, maybe they’re not ready to join.”

There was another moment of silence.

“What do you think your leaders will say about me?” said Yari.  “Will they grant my request?”

“It’s hard to say.  It depends on how much they want Lenal to join,” said Izi.

Yari frowned.  “Then I expect bad news.  My world is in a strategic location with the various Romulan factions in this sector.  We also have an abundance of minerals used in making advanced computer chips.  I fear some admiral will order Captain Kirby to send me back.  Since he’s a man of duty, it seems I won’t be here long.”

“Wish I could do more to help,” said Izi.

The door swished open and Captain Kirby and Doctor Weaver came back.  Izi could tell by the expression on Weaver’s face the news was bad.

“Princess, getting to the point, are you willing to change your mind and return to Lenal?” said Kirby.

Izi studied Yari’s reaction, also seeing bad news.

“No, Captain, I am not,” said Yari as she crossed her arms.

“That’s unfortunate,” said Kirby.  He sat down.  “I’ve been ordered to send you back.”

“But, Captain, that’s not right!” exclaimed Izi.  “She came….”

Kirby held up his hand for Izi to stop.

“There’s no changing the minds of your superiors?” said Yari.

“No,” said Kirby.  “The Admiral was quite adamant.”

“Then you’ll be required to physically remove me,” said Yari.

“Matt, can’t we please do something?” said Weaver.

Kirby glared at the Doctor.

“I mean, Captain,” said Weaver.

“What do you want me to do, Doctor?  You were there.  You heard the orders.  Give me a way out of this.”

Izi had never seen her Captain act like that.  He was clearly trying to help, but was trapped in a difficult position.

“Bridge to Captain.”

“Now what.”  Kirby tapped his comm badge.  “Go ahead.”

“We’ve been contacted by the Lenali.  The Kings are demanding an update.”

“Tell them I don’t have one yet.  Kirby out.”  He closed the channel.

The tension in the room was thick, almost like it was something one could reach out and touch.

“I’ll be in my ready room.”  Kirby got up and strode out of the lounge, leaving the three women staring at each other.

“Princess, please just go home,” said Weaver.  “You’re causing more trouble than you know.”

Hearing that, for the first time in a very long while, Izi didn’t know what to say.