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Part of USS Daedalus: Mission 2 – The Edge of Hope and Despair and USS Mackenzie: Mackenzie Squadron : The Edge of Hope and Despair

DEHD 001 – In the Meanwhile

Colony Hasada
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“The details of your symbiont’s…history were left missing from your dossier.”  Captain Helena Dread sat in her ready room, facing a castigated Lieutenant Calog Tir.  “It only came to our attention when the Trill attache to Fourth Fleet was asked about diplomatic symbionts.  Tir’s…colorful history came to light.”

“We didn’t hide it intentionally, Captain.”  He felt a tinge of annoyance from Tir.  The truth was more complicated – neither of them enjoyed diplomatic operations.  Calog because his first love was operations, and Tir because…well, she had come to hate it.  She had been relieved to be joined with Calog.  That relief had ended ten minutes ago when Dread had summoned the lieutenant to her ready room.

Helena locked her eyes on his, “I’m well aware of Trill’s…suspicions and paranoia with outsiders.  It is not my first time trying to work through that longstanding feeling.  The truth is that Tir’s invaluable experience with her previous host…”

Tir filled in the blank, “Yoria Tir.”

Dread continued, “Yes, with Yoria Tir…those thirty years of diplomatic work with Trills and the innumerable other species she had contact with and gained experience coupled with a greater understanding of it all – I have to ask for help.  Hargraves is busy running interference with the Gladas Colony with the Cardassian.  We’re on deck to handle the Bajoran…and lucky for us…”

He grumbled, “Tir worked with them over five years on various projects on various colonies and ships.  I know.”  He gave his captain a plaintive look, “She…she hates it.  Like…more than anything in the universe.  Left a bad taste in her…well, Yoria’s, and now mine.”

Helena held up her PADD, “The bad taste in her…your…whoever’s mouth – was understandable.  Quite a case study of how things can quickly slide into a black hole.  Looking at her record, it’s one of the few blemishes on an outstanding career.”

“It’s not my favorite thing either, Captain.”

She returned her PADD to the desk, “You are so ordered to effect the transition and explanation of our Bajoran friend back to his family on Hasada Colony.  Ensign Catari will assist you, as her Bajoran background will help smooth things over.” Tir’s blank look spoke his reply.  She understood, “She can be direct, and without subtly…but that doesn’t mean she’s not capable of caring about someone enough to try to be less…direct.”  

Tir smiled hopefully, “I will carry that hope with me, captain.”  He stood and left the room, not convinced this would work.