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Task Force 93

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The Terrellian Crisis

USS Verity
January 2401

The command-and-control center of the Odyssey-class USS Verity was the central hub of activity for the task force staff. The recently promoted Commodore Imya Jori was standing near the window of the observation lounge holding a cup of coffee in her hand. The Verity was currently stationed near the old Romulan Neutral Zone when reports had begun to come in from several worlds asking for assistance. She had called a meeting with Captain Gregorian Rook to talk about the situation, and a few moments later she heard the door open.

Turning around to face Captain Rook, “Please have a seat we have much to discuss.” Jori replied, motioning for one of the many chairs that were seated around the large elongated table in the middle of the room. “Please help yourself to any refreshments,” she added with a soft smile.

Rook shuffled his way into the room, being careful not to seem overly eager. He looked over the spread before him. There was plenty to choose from, from donuts to small sandwiches and even a jug of what appeared to be Tarkelian tea. He considered grabbing one of the sandwiches, but lunch could wait until after their meeting was concluded. He knew that his commanding officer needed his full and undivided attention. Smiling at Jori, he grabbed a donut and some tea. He placed the cup and a padd on the table before him, waiting for Jori to take her seat. 

As she took her seat she turned on the holographic display of the Romulan space, “As you well know it has been several months since the collapse of the Romulan Star Empire. Leaving many worlds to either remain independent or have joined the Romulan Republic,” Jori began as she looked at him for a brief moment before continuing.

Tapping the controls on the table the image changed to show several worlds lit up, “reports have started to come in from these worlds,” she began as she pointed to the highlighted areas on the display. “Cases of the Terrellian Plague have been surfacing and they have asked us for help,” Jori said as she passed the Captain a padd with the current information about the plague.

“How severe have the infections become? Are we talking about case numbers in the scaling of epidemic or pandemic levels on average?” The man picked up the PADD and scanned over it. Rook took a tentative sip of his tea as he studied it. “Moreover, did you have some particular vessels in mind that you wanted to spear first response on these planets?”

Touching the holographic image that seemed to be floating above the table, she moved the information over to him to view. “From what information we have gathered, it is currently at the epidemic level.” Jori began as she looked at Rook, “though if we do not act fast this could get worse.” Jori finished while looking at him as he reviewed the information in front of him.

“Understood, Commodore as for the available vessels?”

After taking a sip of her coffee, Jori nodded before swiping at the holographic image bringing up the different ships that were currently assigned to the task force. “The Corax has just returned from the Delta Quadrant, the Gagarin and the Galahad are currently docked at Starbase 93 taking on crew.” Jori replied before continuing, “we can easily dispatch those three to help deal with the situation along with the Verity.” Jori said.

“The Saratoga is currently undergoing major repairs from their previous mission within the Delta Quadrant, while their Captain is on leave dealing with a family situation. The Shepard’s last known location was delivering some supplies to Virinat, while the USS Eagle has a couple of their crewmembers off ship doing intelligence work. Though we can pull them to assist if needed.” Jori said as she looked at him for a moment before finishing off the list of ships that were assigned to the task force that could assist.

Gregorian tapped the surface of the padd, thinking deeply. “I think we can work with all of that. At the least, the task force can throw the majority of our weight behind the problem.” The man sipped his tea again, poring over the briefing as he reread the provided data. “Hopefully we won’t end up angering any of the locals.”

Jori looked at him and nodded at his last statement, she sent all the needed information to his padd that he had in front of him. “I would like you to send this information out to all ships within the task force,” Jori replied as she closed the holographic display. 

“You’ve got it, ma’am.” Gathering up both padds and his still-uneaten donut, Captain Rook was already making a list in his head. He would be busy sending out a lot of information. He was going to need a lot of coffee by the time the day was done, he realized.

“Any questions?” She asked as she looked at him before picking up her cup of coffee and taking another sip.

“No.” Rook considered probing deeper, but he had everything he needed to get started. Besides, the commodore had a lot on her plate, and she was depending on him to get his part of the job done. His concerns were not the most significant concerns at the moment. “I should have everything I need.”

“You’re dismissed,” Jori responded.

Taking a half-hearted bite of his poor, lonely donut, Rook stacked the padds one atop another and balanced the half-empty cup of tea on them. He put the donut down for a moment, giving his commanding officer a respectful nod before biting down hard enough to carry the donut in his mouth to allow him to carry the padds in one hand and his teacup in the other. Having sorted his personal effects out, Rook began to stride with a proposed shuffle towards the exit. 

After Captain Rook had left the observation lounge Jori sent a message to the helm with coordinates to their next destination. A short time later the Verity jumped to warp heading within Romulan space to assist. Jori got up from the chair she had been sitting in, she headed out of the observation lounge and into her office to make one last call.

Continuing Support

Pesak Repair Yards / USS Verity
July 2401

Over the last few months since the end of the Lost Fleet invasion, the Verity had assisted many affected by the Dominion within the Deneb sector. The Verity was currently at the Pesak Repair Yards after spending the last week assisting the repair yards with repairs and supplies, things were beginning to wrap up. Commodore Imya Jori was down in the command and control center of the ship which housed her and Captain Lewis’ offices as well as a state-of-the-art information center, and a huge conference room.

Information had been hovering above the center console with information on the Deneb sector. Giving her detailed information about each system, while the recovery would be long they were better than they were with assistance from the Verity as well as other ships within the Fourth Fleet. She also had information about the recent Borg activity, which was concerning. A short time later, she heard the doors to the control center open up, revealing Fleet Captain Lewis.

Lewis had been tasked with overseeing the teams that were on the Pesak Repair Yards since he had arrived at Task Force 93, it was a quick transition, but his transfer came at an expedited request. He had just arrived back from the repair yards and made his way back to the command center for the Verity

He walked into the room to see Commodore Jori looking his way. Jori had a reputation, and her brilliance in running 93 was discussed throughout the Fleet. He acknowledged her. “Good morning, Commodore.”

“Good morning Captain,” Jori replied, looking at him momentarily before returning her attention to the information she had been reviewing. “How are things coming along on Pesak?” Jori asked.

Lewis stood over the information console, looking at the information, as he answered the question. “Much better than we anticipated. They should be wrapping up repairs, and we should be ready to depart within the next few days. It has helped that the individuals who ran the yards have come back. They said they want to continue where they left off now that the threat is gone.”

“Good,” Jori replied as she closed the information she had been looking at. Jori walked towards the adjacent window in the room and began to look at the many shuttles coming and going from the ship to the repair yards and back.

Lewis could tell Jori had lots on her mind, though being a Commodore brings weight to command that even he didn’t know. “So in other news what is the status of the sector now that the invasion has ended? Do they have any immediate threats lurking?”

“I won’t lie they have a long road ahead of them, but thanks to our assistance, they are in a better position now than they have been since the end of the invasion,” Jori replied, pausing for a moment as she worked her jaw. “I am sure they will continue to need support for some time as many of the systems were hit hard.”

Lewis nodded. It was true the attacks were devastating and it would take time to repair, but that seemed like the vicious cycle over the past few years. “I guess it could be worse than what it is. On the other hand, have we heard anything regarding the Borg? I know they disappeared, but I have a feeling that is not the end of seeing them.”

“I am sure it won’t be the end of them, but for now, they seem to have gone into hiding once more,” Jori replied before handing him a PADD she had in her hand with reports from ships within their Task Force. “Triumph successfully stopped a secret auction on Freecloud, taking prisoners, Borg technology as well as rescuing captive xBs.” Jori began to summarize what was in the report though she was sure he would read it in more detail. 

“Both the Eagle and Sausalito had observed Borg vessels, which only seemed to be scanning systems before moving on,” Jori said as she continued with the summary.

Lewis looked over the information in the PADD, seeing reports of the ships that had tangled with the Borg. It was crazy for him to think that so many ships came out of this encounter. His past recollection of the Borg was more death than he wanted to recall. As he felt satisfied with the information, he looked up at Jori “Is there anything else you need from me, Ma’am?”

“I don’t have anything more to share at this present time,” Jori said with a soft smile. “Just keep me updated on the fleet yards.”

Lewis acknowledged and turned to leave the room, trying not to get caught up in his thoughts. This all seems well and good but I have a feeling dark storms are on the horizon. He, pushed the thought out of his mind as he headed to the shuttle to head back to the repair yards.