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USS Merced: Project Emissary: The Enigma of Dalab.

In the vast expanse of the galaxy, Starfleet is embarking on a vital mission known as Operation Unity - The Second Contact with the enigmatic planet Dalab.

Mission Description

Following an initial encounter that laid the foundation for future relations, it is now time to deepen our connections with this mysterious world.

As the envoy of the United Federation of Planets, you are tasked with returning to Dalab to solidify the budding relationship between the Federation and the Dalabians. This second contact represents an opportunity to build upon the foundation of trust and understanding laid during the first encounter.

Your mission will be executed alongside a dedicated team of diplomats, cultural experts, and scientists, all of whom will support you in furthering your understanding of Dalabian society. It is your responsibility to engage in open dialogue, exchange knowledge, and promote deeper understanding, ultimately paving the way for lasting cooperation and friendship.

The success of Operation Unity – The Second Contact hinges on your ability to continue navigating the complexities of Dalabian culture, respecting their values, and strengthening the bonds that were initiated during the first contact. This mission represents the next step in bringing the Federation and the enigmatic planet of Dalab closer together.

As you embark on this crucial mission, you carry the hopes of Starfleet and the entire Federation, who seek to extend their hand in friendship and collaboration to the people of Dalab. This second contact holds the potential to further solidify unity, peace, and cooperation in the ever-expanding tapestry of the galaxy. Your dedication and skills will play a vital role in advancing this vision.

About the Mission

USS Merced
In Progress
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Start Date

14 November 2023

New Beginnings

USS Merced: Project Emissary: The Enigma of Dalab.

“And another successful day for the crew of the Glade, completing the mission and returning safely. CONN, you have the bridge. XO, come to my ready room.” The captain rose from his chair, making his way to the ready room, regardless of whether he knew that Lieutenant Commander Peak was [...]