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Part of Bravo Fleet: We Are the Borg

USS Redding: Starve the Borg

The USS Franscini has gone missing! The closest starship to their last known position, the USS Redding, has been dispatched to help.

Mission Description

The USS Redding has been dispatched to the system Xi Velorum to assist the USS Franscini, with whom all communications have been lost since a couple of days.

The USS Franscini is found standing in the middle of an ion storm, not quite dead, not quite functional. It doesn’t answer to hails nor can it be scanned. An away team of the Redding will have to go on board.

Yet, somewhere in the dark, the Borg are waiting.

About the Mission

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End Date

10 December 2023

Node 8: Mend

USS Redding: Starve the Borg

Consciousness came back to Iskander in degrees. For a long time, he felt like he was being suspended in an amorphous, gelatinous space, bathed in beige light, hearing nothing but people speaking light years away, yet his skin raw and sensitive. After that he fell into a dreamless sleep, from which [...]

9 December 2023

Node 7: Needle in the Storm

USS Redding: Starve the Borg

Iskander al-Kwaritzmi, Personal Log, supplemental: after deciding that the USS Franscini should be evacuated, our squad has been assigned to different tasks. The deflector dish has to be cleared of Borg machinery, the impulse engines must be manually reactivated to bring the ship out of the ion [...]

2 December 2023

Node 6: Walk in the Storm

USS Redding: Starve the Borg

Personal log of Ensign Diran Koli, supplemental entry, June 2401: Commander Siouinon and Commander T’Konte of the USS Franscini have come up with a plan. We are en route. Is this a suicide mission? I am not enthusiastic about it. The ion purple sky angrily staring them down, Diran Koli [...]

1 December 2023

Node 5: Who Heals the Healers

USS Redding: Starve the Borg

Meanwhile, in another section of the USS Franscini. Commander Vistia Xe closed her eyes and concentrated. Balance and inner peace had eluded her during this mission, ever since it had become clear that the Borg were onboard the ship and that a substantial part of the crew had been assimilated. Her [...]