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Part of Bravo Fleet: We Are the Borg

USS Endeavour: Inkpot Gods

A Borg Cube's remains are scattered across the Midgard Sector in a transwarp malfunction. Starfleet must ensure Borg technology does not fall into the wrong hands, but Endeavour has one more duty: to discover the Cube's mysterious, original mission.

Mission Description

And what you hear is not silenceIt’s just the trees waiting to hear what next you’ll humAnd what you see is not the darkIt’s just the gods upturning ink pots ’cause they know what you’ll become

– ‘Inkpot Gods,’ The Amazing Devil

About the Mission

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11 December 2023

Inkpot Gods - 35

USS Endeavour: Inkpot Gods

Valance brushed her hands off her trousers as if she’d got something on them before realising this was a pointless, nervous tic. Sighing, she straightened, hit the door chime, then clasped her hands behind her back – all the better for the mask of self-control. Only as she walked into the [...]

9 December 2023

Inkpot Gods - 34

USS Endeavour: Inkpot Gods

Kharth’s muscles whined as she shifted, and for a moment, she wondered why her bed had become so uncomfortable. Then she remembered where she was. ‘Hey, sleepy head.’ Her eyes snapped open. They’d moved Logan to a private room after the first hour of his treatment. Winters had said it was [...]

8 December 2023

Inkpot Gods - 33

USS Endeavour: Inkpot Gods

Kharth strode into Sickbay, Cortez on her heels, Beckett and Thawn following a short distance behind. Lindgren was running the post-flight sequence on the Excalibur, Airex had headed for the bridge, but Logan had been beamed aboard the moment they’d come into transporter range. ‘Doc!’ Kharth [...]

7 December 2023

Inkpot Gods - 32: I Loved You All Along

USS Endeavour: Inkpot Gods

‘They’ve got a targeting lock on us,’ Kharth called. ‘Taking evasive!’ The Excalibur swung around as Borg weapons fire flashed what felt like inches away from the canopy. Beckett felt his chest ease at Lindgren’s piloting, but still, his hammering of the sensor controls yielded no [...]