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USS Denver: Mission 7: Pandora’s Warp

First contact is never easy.

Mission Description

In the vast tapestry of the cosmos, the USS Denver cruises through the stars on a routine patrol mission, its advanced sensors attuned to the rhythms of space. Yet, amid the serenity of the cosmos, an unexpected disruption registers on their long-range sensors—a cataclysmic warp explosion, a celestial tempest of staggering proportions. The crew’s mission takes an unforeseen and perilous turn as they chart a course to a remote and enigmatic world within the Luphirian star system—a race whose wolf-like visage hints at an extraordinary connection with nature.

Upon reaching the Luphirian world, the Denver’s crew is greeted by a disconcerting scene—a landscape marred by the remnants of a once-thriving Luphirian laboratory, now reduced to smoldering ruins. Amid the devastation, a perplexing enigma unfolds—the Luphirians’ relentless pursuit of warp technology, an audacious endeavor that defies the very boundaries of their non-warp-capable society.

About the Mission

USS Denver
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9 July 2024

Drastic Aftermaths

USS Denver: Mission 7: Pandora's Warp

Ming passed through the doors of sickbay.  There was a new CMO in these parts who he’d briefly met and he found her intriguing.  He knew of the Goth culture which was founded somewhere in the mid to late 20th century, as he understood it, and he’d only met a few that could be [...]

9 July 2024

Transporter Rescue

USS Denver: Mission 7: Pandora's Warp

Randall picked up a load of pattern enhancers and was setting them up, in an effort to transport through the radiation shield. He set up the last one, when someone approached. Riandri stepped up behind Randall, her phaser rifle in hand. “Is this all of them? Let us get this one set up here and [...]

4 July 2024

Escort Awry

USS Denver: Mission 7: Pandora's Warp

There was still an energy in the air of the cockpit after the Denver’s transporter had beamed the Doctor and Aoife directly to sickbay. The comms unit crackled to life, slicing through the hum of engines with the captain’s voice. “Denver to Knight Actual.” Rebecca’s voice, usually calm [...]

8 May 2024

Hard, Cracked Earth

USS Denver: Mission 7: Pandora's Warp

[[Content warning: panic, reference to domestic abuse]] Sickbay   Lavender flopped into her office chair wearily. The last half hour had been manic and filled with adrenaline, but Aiofe was safe. Lavender had repaired all of the damage done by the bullet, the projectile was removed, the exit [...]