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Part of Bravo Fleet: Ashes of Deneb

USS Mount Shasta: Too Far is the Sky

The USS Mount Shasta responds to the crises resulting from the Dominion "Lost Fleet" incursion.

Mission Description

The young, eager crew of the Mount Shasta has been fast-tracked into service to assist in the rebuilding and assistance efforts in the Deneb Sector. When a strange emergency call comes through subspace, the crew learns that the dregs of the Dominion aren’t the only threat to life at the edge of Federation space.

About the Mission

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Start Date

23 September 2023

1.9 | Just Out of Reach

USS Mount Shasta: Too Far is the Sky

“Red alert! Shields up!” “They’re targeting the shuttle, Captain.” “Helm, flanking speed, hard about. Move to intercept.” Commander Al Ganbold leaned forward and embellished the captain’s order. “Try to position our dorsal shields to take the impact, Mister Cohen.” The [...]

16 September 2023

1.8 | Pressure

USS Mount Shasta: Too Far is the Sky

“Bridge to shuttlecraft McCloud.” “Roosevelt here. Go ahead, Captain.” The tension was beginning to show in Abigail’s voice, though she worked, mostly successfully, to hide it under a veneer of confidence. “You’re clear for departure. Good luck.” “Aye, sir.” Ensign Del Roosevelt [...]

14 September 2023

1.7.1 | Interlude: Covenant

USS Mount Shasta: Too Far is the Sky

From lands that geese cannot attain by wing / The child of man returns, in his bosom jewels enfolding. — Dashdorjiin Natsagdorj, “To a Distant Country for Education” (1927) Constant movement was his advantage, and ultimately his downfall. Temujin, the fierce khan of the Mongol tribe, was at [...]

9 September 2023

1.7 | Parley

USS Mount Shasta: Too Far is the Sky

The bridge crew seemed frozen with anticipation as subspace static slowly, spastically resolved and the image of a man elderly, rotund human man formed on the viewscreen. “Greetings,” the man said even before the image coalesced. “I’m Joshua Shepherd. The people of Correolan have elected me [...]