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USS Mount Shasta (NCC-75576)

Under the command of newly promoted Captain Abigail Ralin, the young, spirited crew of the Mount Shasta protect and defend the cultural and biological diversity of the Federation, providing support for Task Force 93's mission to deliver material and logistical assistance to those in dire need.

USS Mount Shasta

California-class • NCC-75576 • Reserves


The USS Mount Shasta is a California-class utility cruiser assigned to a variety of secondary and emergency humanitarian missions. These missions often entail rapid response to planetary search-and-rescue and environmental disaster events as well as the enforcement of Federation laws pertaining to non-sentient lifeforms in addition to standard fleet-tender and patrol duties. It is also called upon to provide expertise and assistance for a number of short- and long-term medical, environmental and ecological issues faced by Federation worlds and colonies, often assisting or following behind dedicated science vessels.

Mount Shasta represents a unique part of Task Force 93’s mission. In addition to the normal cargo, transport and engineering and science facilities common on ships of its type, the Mount Shasta also boasts several specialized storage, maintenance, and transport facilities for hotshot fire crews, seismic regulation specialists, and labs and clinics outfitted for uncommon shipboard research areas, like veterinary medicine.

The crew, like their captain, were mostly assigned to the vessel in the immediate wake of the incursion of the Dominion “Lost Fleet” in the Deneb Sector and the fleetwide instability following the rogue Dominion-Borg attack on the 2401 Frontier Day celebrations.

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23 September 2023

1.9 | Just Out of Reach

USS Mount Shasta: Too Far is the Sky

“Red alert! Shields up!” “They’re targeting the shuttle, Captain.” “Helm, flanking speed, hard about. Move to intercept.” Commander Al Ganbold leaned forward and embellished the captain’s order. “Try to position our dorsal shields to take the impact, Mister Cohen.” The [...]

16 September 2023

1.8 | Pressure

USS Mount Shasta: Too Far is the Sky

“Bridge to shuttlecraft McCloud.” “Roosevelt here. Go ahead, Captain.” The tension was beginning to show in Abigail’s voice, though she worked, mostly successfully, to hide it under a veneer of confidence. “You’re clear for departure. Good luck.” “Aye, sir.” Ensign Del Roosevelt [...]

14 September 2023

1.7.1 | Interlude: Covenant

USS Mount Shasta: Too Far is the Sky

From lands that geese cannot attain by wing / The child of man returns, in his bosom jewels enfolding. — Dashdorjiin Natsagdorj, “To a Distant Country for Education” (1927) Constant movement was his advantage, and ultimately his downfall. Temujin, the fierce khan of the Mongol tribe, was at [...]

9 September 2023

1.7 | Parley

USS Mount Shasta: Too Far is the Sky

The bridge crew seemed frozen with anticipation as subspace static slowly, spastically resolved and the image of a man elderly, rotund human man formed on the viewscreen. “Greetings,” the man said even before the image coalesced. “I’m Joshua Shepherd. The people of Correolan have elected me [...]