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Part of Bravo Fleet: Ashes of Deneb

USS Tokyo: M1: We need a hero

With the wounds still fresh from Frontier Day, the crew of the Tokyo heads back to the Deneb region to explore the northwest region that is expected to be lurking full of danger.

Mission Description

The crew has lost their Captain during Frontier Day crisis, Starfleet Command is not in a position to give them the space and time to process these losses places Commander Yoon-Jung in command of the USS Tokyo. Task Force 47 command orders them to head out to the northwest of the Deneb region that the Lost Fleet had left behind. But they are given a note of warning. No one knows what is lurking out there.

Will they be able to mend their wounds? Accept their new Captain and survive the unknown?

About the Mission

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Start Date

7 October 2023

4) Our Goal

USS Tokyo: M1: We need a hero

It was already a long day, and there were many reports to fill out and check out. The crisis at Starfleet HRM was not a joke, but Ko managed to get the crew fully staffed on the Tokyo.  She scratched her head while reading the latest report that Towalr had made based on her request with some [...]

6 October 2023

3) When Interests Clash

USS Tokyo: M1: We need a hero

The ship's atmosphere has been tense since the recent changes that had hit the crew. A few people in the senior staff were acting in a form of protest against the assignment of Ko to the command seat. The Task Force Commanding Officer had already declined the protest with good and solid reasoning. [...]

16 September 2023

2) Problems brew

USS Tokyo: M1: We need a hero

People on Deep Space 47 were getting ready for their next assignment. Ships were departing to their designated assignments to help restore Deneb to both physical and mental damage left behind by the invading forces of the Lost Fleet. People were more focused on what had happened in Deneb than the [...]

25 August 2023

1) Not Content

USS Tokyo: M1: We need a hero

Captain Takato Office The PADDs kept piling up as another assistant placed a few on her desk. Ryoko rubbed her template, trying to read the PADD she had in her hand. “Thank you” She briefly responded without looking at the Petty Officer. She bowed and left the Captain’s office, but within a [...]