USS Constellation: Bynar Love Songs

After the last gasp of the Borg mentally assimilated half of the crew, Captain Taes assigns her divided crew the unified goal of repairing Constellation.

Mission Description

The USS Constellation has been ravaged by time-lost Jem’Hadar and a fleet of young Starfleet officers who were assimilated by the Borg.  As soon as the Borg were defeated and those officers were released from the dying collective, Captain Taes could only think to hold her crew together more tightly.

With the Avalon Fleet Yards overwhelmed by needs for repairs, Taes has recalled her crew from shore leave and temporarily assigned all crew-members to engineering.  Their prime directives are to repair both the Constellation and their broken hearts.

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Nothing Comes From Being Right: USS Constellation invesetigated the origins of a Jem’Hadar fleet that soared out of the past to invade the Deneb Sector.

Lose Yourself Sometimes: After losing members of their senior staff to the Dominion, USS Constellation secured the technology that unleashed the Jem’Hadar fleet in the first place.

Lose Yourself Sometimes, Part II: Despite putting into Avalon Fleet Yards for repairs, the Constellation crew were defenseless against the final dying gasp of the Borg Queen: an assimilation transmission that assumed control of their youngest officers.

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22 August 2023

Bynar Love Songs - 2

USS Constellation: Bynar Love Songs

Sinking his whole weight into it, Kellin pressed the heel of his palm into the tritanium railing until it locked into the torpedo launcher tube.  The machined pieces interlocked with the most satisfying clacking sound. Kellin had lost count of precisely how many launcher tracks he had [...]

17 August 2023

Bynar Love Songs - 1

USS Constellation: Bynar Love Songs

It was only after they turned the corner onto the high street that Danbo remarked, “That’s not fair!”   Having left Fenton Manour far behind them, a bustling thoroughfare of London-town’s commerce rowhouses stretched out before Danbo and Rals.  Each structure lining the street was [...]