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USS Triton (Archive): This Far, How Further?

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After being heavily damaged during the Lost Fleet incursion, the Bellerophon has been sent to Avalon Fleet Yards for a series of repairs, while the USS Triton has to deal with not having a captain. How will the two crews cope together?

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USS Triton
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2 August 2023

This Far, How Further? - 11

USS Triton (Archive): This Far, How Further?

After materialising on the transporter pad, Captain McCallister was surprised to see Commander Thaustin waiting for him. “Thaustin, there’s no need for a welcoming committee. I’m not that type of formal captain,” He said with a warm smile. Upon his arrival, McCallister strode confidently [...]

27 July 2023

This Far, How Further? - 3

USS Triton (Archive): This Far, How Further?

Seated at the head of the conference table in the USS Triton, Captain Horatio McCallister was engrossed in reading the various reports that laid before him. A steaming mug of tea sat next to him, warming his hand. The room was quiet, apart from the occasional beeping sound of the consoles near him. [...]