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Part of USS Higgs: Hide and Seek

USS Challenger: Hide and Seek

The crew of the Higgs are in a race against time to provide vital engineering supplies and personnel to the Galadkail Minor colony before it is attacked by Dominion forces.

Mission Description

Galadkail Minor has been identified as a prime target for the Dominion’s Lost Fleet. Captain Matheson and her crew are ordered to Farpoint Station, where they will take on engineering supplies and personnel vital to completing the upgrades to Galadkail’s orbital defence platforms. Matheson must ensure that her cargo reaches its destination in time to finish the upgrades before the Dominion’s attack comes. The catch? There are dozens of Jem’Hadar warships standing between the Higgs and completing her objective.

This Challenger Squadron story takes place across multiple commands. The full story can be found at the links below:

Chapter 1 (Higgs)
Chapter 2 (Higgs)
Chapter 3 (Challenger)
Chapter 4 (Higgs)
Chapter 5 (Higgs)
Chapter 6 (Higgs)
Chapter 7 (Challenger)
Chapter 8 (Higgs)

About the Mission

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Start Date
End Date

12 June 2023

Hide and Seek - 7

USS Challenger: Hide and Seek

“Bridge to Captain. We’re two minutes out.” Fleet Captain Thomas Forrester had found the four-hour journey to the Daylos System interminable. Their attempts to contact the Higgs met with silence, leaving Tom’s mind to fill the information void with speculation and he couldn’t help but [...]

15 May 2023

Hide and Seek - 3

USS Challenger: Hide and Seek

The music of Ludovico Einaudi provided the backdrop to Thomas Forrester’s evening as he read over the latest reports from Fourth Fleet Intelligence. Below him, he could hear his boyfriend rattling around in the kitchen. Bentley insisted on cleaning up after dinner since Tom always did the [...]