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Part of Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

USS Atlantis: What Price for Peace

As the quiet war rages, Atlantis is dispatched to the Ferengi trading station of Handl Dryf to negotiate with old allies.

Mission Description

As the conflict with the Lost Fleet begins and Fourth Fleet mobilises for a fight that materialised out of yester-year, Atlantis is dispatched under orders to the Ferengi trading hub of Handl Dryf. With support from Starfleet Command lacking, or disregarding the seriousness of the attack, Fourth Fleet is looking to bring allies into the war itself and has tasked Captain Theodoras with bringing old allies to the fight once more.

About the Mission

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16 June 2023

What Price for Peace - 20

USS Atlantis: What Price for Peace

“Yes, Stirling?” Tikva asked, looking up from the paperwork on her desk. “Five minutes ma’am,” her yeoman said before he started to putz around the small ready room, tidying things away, putting a cup and plate back into the replicator. The ready room off the battle bridge was just like [...]

15 June 2023

What Price for Peace - 19

USS Atlantis: What Price for Peace

“Slow down and repeat what you just said,” Rrr stated, their voice filling Atlantis’ battle bridge far too easily. “I said I’ve figured out how to get us up to a much higher warp speed, even with our damaged drives,” Samantha Michaels repeated with a grin on her face. She waved Rrr over [...]

14 June 2023

What Price for Peace - 18

USS Atlantis: What Price for Peace

Stars. She could see stars. There are no windows on the bridge. So why can we see stars? We shouldn’t. Unless… She tried turning her head and regretted it immediately. Pain seared through every part of her being. She couldn’t help but clamp her eyes shut in pain and scream. An eternity later [...]

12 June 2023

What Price for Peace - 17

USS Atlantis: What Price for Peace

“Shields at eighty-two per cent,” Rrr reported as Atlantis rocked once more under heavy assault. Everyone on the bridge was either seated or gripping onto some sort of support as Atlantis surged through the first exchange of weapons fire with the Dominion forces in the Leonis system as both [...]