Part of Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

USS Babylon: In Leviathan’s Wake

While the Lost Fleet attacks, the Babylon must save a rare creature caught in the crossfire.

Mission Description

“A large, powerful spaceborne creature has been reported attacking and destroying Dominion ships before fleeing. Pursued by the Dominion, Starfleet fear this rare lifeform will be killed, or harnessed against them by their enemies. The USS Babylon has been dispatched to rescue the creature.”

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30 June 2023

The Runaway

USS Babylon: In Leviathan's Wake

“Well I didn’t even get a chance to say yes,” said Anand, looking around at the interior of Gomthree after their abrupt transport. He noted with some concern that the room they were in didn’t seem to have any exits. “Ah, I’m sorry, that might be my fault,” said Ixabi, nervously [...]

23 June 2023


USS Babylon: In Leviathan's Wake

“The probe is picking up what appears to be a Jem’Hadar fighter,” said Szarka, her voice calm and detached. “Wait, make that fighters, plural.” “Where?” asked Anand. He tried not to count the number of times he clenched and unclenched his hands while he waited for the answer. Finally, [...]

17 June 2023

Hello, Is It Gomthree You're Looking For?

USS Babylon: In Leviathan's Wake

“There,” said Anand as he sealed up the probe casing with a snkt. “The last lowly drone calibrated.” Szarka approached as Anand and one of the technicians gave the drone a gentle nudge and sent it sliding along its track into the dispatch bay. “Good work, you two.” The technician took a [...]

13 June 2023

Until Someone Loses an 'Aye'

USS Babylon: In Leviathan's Wake

“How many fingers am I holding up?” the doctor asked. “Definitely fewer than eleven, but more than zero,” said Anand. “Careful, I don’t hold back when my patients are well enough to crack dumb jokes.” Bohkat huffed in amusement as he hovered near the exit, scrolling through the [...]