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Part of Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

USS Corax: Cover the Escape

The Dominion has routed a small Starfleet patrol. The USS Corax has been tasked with intercepting the pursuing forces and harry them in a hit-and-run to give the damaged patrol time to escape. Starfleet cannot afford to lose more ships on this frontier.

Mission Description

A Starfleet patrol engaged a large squadron of Jem’Hadar attack ships but was routed, and is rushing back to Farpoint Station. However, the remains of the enemy forces are hot on their heels. Without help, the patrol cannot reach Farpoint without being obliterated. Starfleet wants the patrol to return safely.

Delaying the Dominion forces will not be easy. The Starfleet ships must get a safe enough lead to escape.

About the Mission

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11 May 2023

Part Two - The Impending Storm

USS Corax: Cover the Escape

Crumm Widdy never met an eatery he didn’t like. Any place where friends and family could come together and break bread was an ideal setting. His own home found the kitchen as its social focal point.  From the large picture window, he and his wife, along with their co-husband and co-wife and [...]

5 May 2023

Part One - The Weakest Link

USS Corax: Cover the Escape

“I know this one is going to hit close to home, son.” Captain Richards looked solemn on the view screen.  He knew that Lt. Commander Chris Rouse would be having a difficult time conducting this mission. “The Dominion?” Chris asked incredulously, “how is this possible? There’s been a [...]