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Part of Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

USS Endeavour: Falls the Shadow

The Lost Fleet's invasion of the Deneb Sector summons the full force of Endeavour Squadron. But dangers lurk within their own ranks, from the power struggle between captains to something far more insidious...

16 June 2023

Falls the Shadow - 23

USS Endeavour: Falls the Shadow

‘We went through the Nighthawk deck by deck.’ Cortez’s face was still smoke-stained. They had towed the battered Reliant-class across the system into orbit of Izar III, and the engineer had only beamed down to the central plaza of New Seattle ten minutes ago. Though the sun shone brightly [...]

15 June 2023

Falls the Shadow - 22

USS Endeavour: Falls the Shadow

‘Pathfinder and Endeavour have got Triumph, Captain. Trust me.’ Even though Valance was just an image on the viewscreen, her eyes still bored into him, and Rourke could not summon a rebuttal. He wanted to. He wanted to insist he stay with his ship, even if he was sat in Independence’s [...]

4 June 2023

Falls the Shadow - 19

USS Endeavour: Falls the Shadow

‘Long-range emplacements disabled.’ Airex’s triumphant, relieved call felt like it had come after a thousand years, but the battle could not have been raging more than an hour. Or thirty hours. Kharth wasn’t sure. ‘Alright.’ Malhotra didn’t sound very sure of anything as he scrubbed [...]

28 May 2023

Falls the Shadow - 16

USS Endeavour: Falls the Shadow

The King Arthur’s pilot was a young Vulcan named Shiera, and Shepherd wasn’t entirely sure how to handle it when she reported, ‘I anticipate we will take some fire upon launch,’ in a toneless, Vulcan voice before hurling the runabout into a maelstrom. ‘Hells,’ Shepherd hissed, gripping [...]