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USS Jaxartes: Deep Six

A voyage of a very different kind!

Mission Description

As fate plays her cards one by one, the crew of the USS Jaxartes must prepare to enter a whole new realm; filled with mystery, wonder and danger.  Enemies both seen and unseen are ready to pounce with swift and deadly accuracy.  So if the crew has any chance of making out of this one alive they’ll need to have their wits about them, as one wrong move could spell certain death.

About the Mission

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6 April 2023

Part 11: On The Beach

USS Jaxartes: Deep Six

It was the mid-morning before the two ensigns sighted the island itself; they’d spotted the smoke early in the morning and headed straight for it as swiftly as the inflatable boat could carry them. Both knowing something bad must have happened, yet still hoping the others had survived whatever [...]

5 April 2023

Part 10: Crimson Tide

USS Jaxartes: Deep Six

Lyambo and Torf had spent serval hours trying to get the USS Jaxartes systems back up and running; whilst under the watchful eye of three Orion guards.  Both had thought on numerous occasions the one they had come to know as Hasray would carry out his threat and kill them.  But instead he’d let [...]

4 April 2023

Part 9: Incident At Map Grid 36-80

USS Jaxartes: Deep Six

The Sea Quest had been trying to dodge the mysterious craft for well over an hour with Ensign Stuart now taking a turn at the controls.  Every time it seemed to be coming closer, whoever was at the controls of the sub would kill all power and everyone would remain totally still and silent.  Once [...]

3 April 2023

Part 8: Hostile Waters

USS Jaxartes: Deep Six

Navaar Orci had been sat in the captain’s chair of the Raven Class corvette USS Jaxartes for just under an hour since killing Chief Engineer Bellbrooke.  Ensign Harris who was still sitting at the helm was the only member of the crew still on the bridge.  Anyone else had been escorted [...]