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USS Olympic (Archive): Diffuse Memory

A change in command for Sarek Squadron's USS Olympic

Mission Description

After the USS Olympic suffers a senseless attack in the Ullho system of the Typhon Expanse, Captain Holmgren steps down from the centre seat in an act of naked guilt.  Squadron Commander Taes has assigned Captain Elbon Jakkelb to take command of the Olympic and rescue crew morale.

(Image of Elbon Jakkelb was AI generated by the Lensa app)


About the Mission

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Start Date
End Date

25 April 2023

Diffuse Memory - 2

USS Olympic (Archive): Diffuse Memory

The sound of the life support systems was all Holmgren could hear.  Most days, it offered a soothing, if forgettable, white noise.   On this day, the sound of cycling air washed over Holmgren with all the intensity of river rapids.  His gaze had become lost somewhere in the middle distance; the [...]

15 April 2023

Diffuse Memory - 1

USS Olympic (Archive): Diffuse Memory

An opportunity to showcase one’s credentials as a leader rarely came as swiftly as this had for the newly minted executive officer of the Fourth Fleet’s Task Force 17. But here he was, marching through the corridors of power aboard the headquarters for the group, absentmindedly tapping a data [...]