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USS Sarek (Archive): Illogical Flock

When the USS Olympic is attacked for visiting the planet Ullho, Captain Taes must question what Sarek Squadron has done to warrant this animosity!

Mission Description

Months earlier, the USS Sarek began an excavation of an abandoned Romulan outpost at Ullho in the Typhon Expanse.  As quickly as their research started, the crew was re-assigned to the Delta Quadrant with the rest of Bravo Fleet for the blood dilithium campaign.  Upon the Sarek’s return to the Beta Quadrant, Science Officer Yuulik fabricated sensor readings to fool the Sarek crew into investigating a dangerous spatial anomaly she had faced once before in the earliest days of her career.

When the USS Olympic, of Sarek Squadron, was assigned to continue the excavation on Ullho, the ship was attacked without warning or mercy.

Back on the USS Sarek, Captain Taes must retrace her steps to understand what dangers and wrongdoings her crew has dug up along the way.

About the Mission

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8 April 2023

Illogical Flock - 5

USS Sarek (Archive): Illogical Flock

Stepping into the Captain’s Ready Room from the bridge felt an awful lot like stepping out of the known physical universe.  Even the foundational realities of starship construction were no constraint to the ready room.  The copper and transparent duranium plating, which framed out each [...]

7 April 2023

Illogical Flock - 4

USS Sarek (Archive): Illogical Flock

It snuck up on him like heartburn.  In his semi-conscious state, anxious thoughts of the attack on the USS Olympic interrupted his drowsing, unbidden.  His mind’s eye evoked images of the bridge crew rallying to the pitched battle, except, in this waking dream, every one of them looked [...]

6 April 2023

Illogical Flock - 3

USS Sarek (Archive): Illogical Flock

Stalking to the very spot where the cobblestone path met a bench, Flavia stopped and she made a sweeping hand gesture.  She silently offered her leave for the junior science officer to sit ahead of a superior.  Because Starfleet officers had little to gossip about, scuttlebutt around the [...]

2 April 2023

Illogical Flock - 2

USS Sarek (Archive): Illogical Flock

Like the slingshot effect in action, Taes took the long route from her ready room.  After arcing behind the bridge’s freestanding master systems display, she picked up speed in her stride down the portside ramp.  Her arms were crossed over her chest while she walked; her right hand [...]