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USS Challenger: The Old Order Changeth

“The old order changeth, yielding place to new” - Tennyson

Mission Description

As the new year dawns, change is in the air for the crew of the Challenger. 

Eager to step up their exploration of former Dominion territories in the Gamma Quadrant, Starfleet forms a new squadron with Challenger in the lead. Having lost several of his most trusted senior officers, Captain Forrester must adjust to new people while also getting to grips with his new role as Squadron Commander. Starfleet deploys Challenger Squadron to the Gamma Quadrant, where they will begin exploring the Dalriada Sector.

About the Mission

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Start Date
End Date

8 February 2023

4. Petty Rivals

USS Challenger: The Old Order Changeth

The sound of the door chime cut through the tranquillity of the ready room. Forrester dismissed the holographic screen in front of him with a downward swipe. He took a deep breath, held it briefly, and released it slowly out of his mouth. “Come.” Forrester stood as his guest entered the room. [...]

14 January 2023

3. Dinner Plans

USS Challenger: The Old Order Changeth

Gentle music played gently in the background, providing the ambience for their evening. Forrester was cutting two large carrots into chunks to be added to the vegan lentil stew he was preparing. The smell was already beginning to fill the captain’s quarters. He wore an apron that read, ‘I’m [...]

7 January 2023

2. Challenger Squadron

USS Challenger: The Old Order Changeth

After two weeks orbiting Starbase Bravo, the Challenger was preparing to receive new orders. The crew was well-rested and ready for whatever Starfleet Command had in store for them next. With Forrester’s return, he and Rix were summoned to a meeting with Commodore Stafford, the Fourth Fleet’s [...]

31 December 2022

1. Auld Lang Syne

USS Challenger: The Old Order Changeth

The cold wind whipped around the two men as they sat on the hill. The lights of Tom’s home town twinkled in the distance. Nearby, their horses stood tied to a tree, calmly looking around them. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt cold like this,” Matthias grumbled as he pulled his coat [...]