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USS Saratoga: Such Sweet Sorrow

Azras Dex and her family head to Trill while the Saratoga returns to Devron Fleet Yards for major repairs.

Mission Description

After the events of the Blood Dilithium within the Delta Quadrant, the Saratoga limps back through the wormhole. Azras and her family leave onboard the USS Oneida and begin its course towards the Trill homeworld while the Saratoga sets course for Devron Fleet Yards for major repairs while also reuniting with the crew that was left behind and some much-needed R&R.

About the Mission

Total Stories
Start Date
End Date

9 April 2023

3 - Such Sweet Sorrow

USS Saratoga: Such Sweet Sorrow

It had been a few hours since the Saratoga began its journey towards Starbase 93, a few hours since Azras left the ship onboard the Oneida towards Trill. Things were pretty quiet throughout the ship as officers continued their duties. Shift change had just occurred, and most of the senior officers [...]

26 March 2023

2 - Such Sweet Sorrow

USS Saratoga: Such Sweet Sorrow

Time seemed to go slowly as the Oneida made its way towards Trill, silence had filled the ship since the moment they had departed from the Saratoga many hours ago. Azras had chosen to remain in her ready room, reviewing reports and making calls. The life of a captain never ends even when on leave, [...]

11 January 2023

1 - Such Sweet Sorrow

USS Saratoga: Such Sweet Sorrow

Captains Personal Log, Stardate 78000.8   It has been a long two months in the Delta Quadrant, after missing the last opening of the wormhole. However, we were able to assist a few more worlds that were affected by the blood dilithium crisis. Currently, we are waiting for the wormhole to [...]