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Part of Bravo Fleet: Blood Dilithium

USS Eagle: Mission 1 – Delta Quadrant

Investigating blood dilithium.

Mission Description

Assigned to the Delta Quadrant as part of the Fleet mission to study the newly discovered red dilithium, the USS Eagle, while delivering supplies to a civilian installation studying the dilithium, uncover a mystery that could affect the very fabric of reality.

About the Mission

USS Eagle
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7 December 2022

You Okay?

USS Eagle: Mission 1 - Delta Quadrant

After ringing the ready room door chime several times and not receiving a response, Doctor Lori Weaver strode inside, pausing while the door closed behind her. “Matt?” The lighting was dimmed by at least half.  In the darkened office, Captain Matt Kirby stood silently in front of the [...]

6 December 2022

Temporal Troubles

USS Eagle: Mission 1 - Delta Quadrant

Deck 2, Mess Hall“So we really did jump back in time,” said Hok.“Yes and no,” said Haia.Nick chuckled.“What do you mean?” said Hok, confusion in his voice.“We didn't jump back in time.  The other Eagle did.”“Huh?” said Hok.“We were sent to Sefus IV…” said Haia.“So [...]

5 December 2022


USS Eagle: Mission 1 - Delta Quadrant

Bridge“There's a quantum torpedo signature.”  Ohtani frowned.  ”Sir, the torpedoes were Starfleet issue."After exchanging bewildering looks with Commander Allen, Kirby began processing what just happened.  “Is there anything left of the science facility?  Any chance [...]

30 November 2022

Pieces of the Puzzle

USS Eagle: Mission 1 - Delta Quadrant

Captain Matt Kirby had been waiting patiently to hear from the away team, but more time had passed than he would have liked before the XO finally called.  Learning the scientists were messing with time travel was disconcerting, but it was a situation they had to handle.“Do we know why they [...]