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Part of Bravo Fleet: Blood Dilithium

USS Shepard: Arsenal of Democracy

While many of Bravo Fleet's operations make way for the Delta Quadrant, the USS Shepard has received a comparatively mundane task - escorting a convoy carrying supplies and aid to New Romulus.

Mission Description

After a long but uneventful first assignment of guarding rescue vessels, the USS Shepard has received a new mission: escort a convoy of merchant ships carrying vital supplies to the Romulan Republic. Starfleet Command hopes that the mere presence of their vessels would make any would-be commerce raiders think twice about provoking the Federation… but the space that once made up the Romulan Star Empire is in some ways just as hostile and unpredictable as the Delta Quadrant.

About the Mission

Total Stories
Start Date

5 December 2022

Chapter 8

USS Shepard: Arsenal of Democracy

“Splash four,” Tallera said with a relieved sigh and a smile as the bright glow from the raider’s warp core explosion dissipated into the dark void of space. Vic cackled with glee, and Zelenko nearly collapsed into her captain’s chair as she let out a sigh of her own. “Commander, the [...]

4 December 2022

Chapter 7

USS Shepard: Arsenal of Democracy

Mack gunned the Shepard’s impulse engines to max in an attempt to put space between their ship and the incoming torpedoes as Tallera sent forth a volley of proximity bursts, academy training and intuition forced to take the place of orders in a point-blank defensive action. Firing prox blasts at [...]

22 November 2022

Chapter 6

USS Shepard: Arsenal of Democracy

Commander’s log, Stardate 77899.81 It has now been 48 hours since our first phaser burnout. The Hazari vessels have shown no sign of relenting in their attacks, and we have no indication that our defenses achieve anything other than temporarily driving them off.  Unfortunately, our ability [...]

15 November 2022

Chapter 5

USS Shepard: Arsenal of Democracy

“Firing prox blast from ventral S2 and and P2 arrays,” Tallera relayed as her hands danced across her tactical console, sending bolts of energy searing from the bottom of the ship into the blackness of space. “Viewscreen to estimated blast area,” Zelenko ordered, and the starfield in front [...]